frizzy hairI love summer, but I hate what it does to my hair. It can either get flat and it sticks to the sides of my head or becomes seriously frizzy and very unflattering. Luckily, I've found tips that actually work to control my otherwise unruly hair in super humid weather. Take a look!

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Use coconut oil and and other natural oils 1

Use coconut oil and and other natural oils

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We get frizzy hair when the air becomes too dry or too humid, depending on your hair. Treating it with coconut oil and other natural oils will help keep elasticity and glow.


Use dry shampoo 2

Use dry shampoo

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When Kim Kardashian started to promote dry shampoo, I thought it was disgusting. I asked my hairdresser about it and was shocked when she recommended it. I have tried many different brands, but my favorite so far is the TRESemmé line ($6.29). I liked it so much, that I bought a whole box. The dry shampoo makes your hair manageable, easier to style and you don’t have to wash it and dry it so often, reducing the damage. 



Comb your hair when it's wet 3

Comb your hair when it's wet

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The best way is to untangle your hair is while it's still moist. Doing it when it's dry starts friction and it makes your hair more electrified.

Avoid the flat iron 4

Avoid the flat iron

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I dare you to find a hair treatment as damaging as the hot iron. I love mine, but during the frizzy hair season it only comes out in very few and special occasions.



Use anti-frizz products 5

Use anti-frizz products

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Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil ($6.99) really works. I use it regularly, and it has kept my hair looking healthy. Pool season in Florida starts in March and by now my highlights would have been looking like straw. Not this year!


Try the good old rollers 6

Try the good old rollers

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Even if you feel like abuelita, this is the best way to style your hair without the damage caused by the blowdryer, hot iron or hot rollers. I have velcro rollers, which stay in place without the need of any kind of pins. 


Avoid metal brushes and combs 7

Avoid metal brushes and combs

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A metal hairbrush equals frizz. There is no way around it. Don't use them. 

Hairspray to the rescue 8

Hairspray to the rescue

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Believe it or not, using hair spray protects your hair in more than one way. First, it helps to keep your hairstyle in place, which reduces the damage of hot tools. Also, keeps the humidity and electricity away from it.


Try a no-rinse conditioner 9

Try a no-rinse conditioner

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No-rinse conditioners work longer in your hair and keep humidity at bay. One of my favorites is this one from Aveeno (three bottle package for $22.25). It has a very light texture, so you don't really feel that you have your hair lathered with product.

Accept your hair and if you can't deal braid it 10

Accept your hair and if you can't deal braid it

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Sometimes it's just better to give up! Luckily, braids are still trendy.