tanning failSummer and beach just go together. Beach and a gorgeous sun-kissed look do, too. That is, of course, when we take care of our skin, which not everybody remembers to do. In case you're thinking of foregoing sunscreen, here are some scary results of tanning fails. Get ready to cringe and laugh.

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Image via iStock

What happens when you cry 1

What happens when you cry

Image via Brushed by Dina /Instagram

Lesson to be learned: Never cry after a spray tan.


ALWAYS remove your socks! 2

ALWAYS remove your socks!

Image via CoachMagiParade/Instagram

That looks like a sports tan.



Those sandals! 3

Those sandals!

Image via Nail Techie /Instagram

How is she going to fix that? Poor woman. I bet it means boots in the Summer for a couple of weeks.

Ouch! 4


Image via Jay84London /Instagram

Didn't he feel the sun burning his skin? 


She's hurting 5

She's hurting

Image via Rachel Greenall/Instagram

I feel bad for her. It looks like it hurts. 


When you forget to remove your shoes 6

When you forget to remove your shoes

Image via Marmraz_bar/Instagram

Well, at least she'll remember what shoe she was wearing on that day. 


It's the car's fault 7

It's the car's fault

Image via Larissa Coles/Instagram

Apparently, this happened during a ride in a convertible. Can you spot the seat belt line?

That's what you call bad luck 8

That's what you call bad luck

Image via Coco Karina/Instagram

That must feel awful.


Too many swimsuits 9

Too many swimsuits

Image via Kati_Tri/Instagram

This is what happens when you change your beachwear too often.

The strangest tanning fail 10

The strangest tanning fail

Image via Shannon_Alana1/Instagram

She was painting a fence under the sun, got a splat of paint on her arm and this happened. Can you imagine?