makeup failMakeup experts are called artists for a reason. It's not easy to achieve what artists do with eyeshadows, lipsticks and blush. With some practice, most of us become quite proficient. And as you'll see, some of us also fail--big time. You won't believe what some women have done to their face trying to be trendy. 

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Image via iStock

Bad blush 1

Bad blush

Image via Lumdeedums/Instagram 


This poor woman needs to learn how to blend and a talk to a good eyebrow consultant.


Cat eye? 2

Cat eye?

Image via chrystal.c/Instagram

I wonder if she used half of the eye pencil to achieve this look.


Good lipliner, bad lipstick job 3

Good lipliner, bad lipstick job

Image via Waachel/Instagram

This woman wrote:"When your matte lipstick wears off from day to day activities and you look like you got herpes." Pobrecita!

Too much 4

Too much

Image via Onehottopik/Instagram

There are no words to describe how many things are wrong with this look.


Raccoon eyes 5

Raccoon eyes

Image via  Musclesandlipsticks/Instagram

This happens when you forget to take off your makeup before going to the gym.


Just no 6

Just no

Image via Makeupbykellyb/Instagram 

Do you know anybody who looks good with this lipstick color?


Contouring gone wrong 7

Contouring gone wrong

Image via Sydneycady/Instagram  

I can't figure out what was she trying to do. Can you?

Eyeshadow overload 8

Eyeshadow overload

Image via Gymmom10813/Instagram 

She must have been trying to do the smoky eye look.


Liquid eyeliner mess 9

Liquid eyeliner mess

Image via Rainbow Monster/Instagram

She was trying a new look, but ...

After the gym 10

After the gym

Image via americanvikingprincess/Instagram

Not only the makeup went wrong, what about her expression?