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There's nothing more refreshing than seeing female celebrities going makeup-free and not caring what anyone has to say about it. Jennifer Lopez is often spotted on her way to the gym without a drop of makeup and always looks positively radiant. J.Lo's much more minimal approach to beauty proves that she doesn't need a full face to look good. In fact, nobody does! 

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These stars are growing more and more comfortable with showing their imperfections on social media and we love it! Seeing them show off their bare faces and natural looks is empowering in a way. There's no need to hide our flaws behind piles of makeup, and they show us that it's OK.

It also doesn't hurt that these stars already have great skin to begin with since they take such great care of it. Kylie Jenner launched a super successful makeup line Kylie Cosmetics and followed it with a skin care line called Kylie Skin to show us that it's all about balance. Here are a few other celebs who have showed off their glowing bare faces with confidence. 

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Jennifer Lopez looks like a star with makeup. 1

Jennifer Lopez looks like a star with makeup.

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But she actually looks just as good without it. She said her one rule is to always take her makeup off at night to maintain her flawless skin.


Jennifer has that natural glow. 2

Jennifer has that natural glow.

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She doesn't need highlighter or bronzer. She's the real deal! J.Lo is nearly 50 and looks incredible, but her skin has been top priority for her for decades. She stayed out the sun, drinks plenty of water, and always takes off her makeup. It paid off.


Kylie Jenner looks like a mini Kim with makeup. 3

Kylie loves makeup so much she even built an entire makeup empire! It also helps that she has great skin so makeup goes on seemlessly. But without it she's almost unrecognizable. 

Kylie Jenner looks so youthful without makeup. 4

The then-19-year-old was caught having a much-needed lazy makeup day. Doesn't Kylie Jenner look a lot more her age here?


Kim Kardashian looks like a doll when she contours. 5

It's no wonder her contour and highlighter kits sell out fast. But she honestly, doesn't need any of it to look fly. 


Kim Kardashian's bare skin is literally flawless. 6

Kim Kardashian's bare skin is literally flawless.

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It's rare to see Kim not all glammed up, after all, looking good is part of her job. The thing is that even though her glam team is incredible, she doesn't really need the makeup to be beautiful. There isn't a blemish, sun spot, or wrinkle on that stunning face of hers. 


Christina Milian is not one to cake on her makeup. 7

She usually keeps it soft and minimal. Even when she wears makeup, it just brings out her natural beauty even more.  

Christina's skin is radiant. 8

See, she really doesn't need much to look good. She looks just as she did in her 2003 movie Love Don't Cost a Thing. Check out her adorable freckles!


Rosie Rivera looks hella glamorous when she does her makeup. 9

As much as we're feeling this fierce eyeshadow look, we know she looks just as gorgeous without it. 

Rosie looks even younger without makeup. 10

The famous celebrity sister went bare-faced for this selfie. She wrote, "What is beauty? A perfect face with makeup on? No. Beauty is in the heart." That's right, girl!


Sofia Vergara looks like a Latina goddess when she hits the red carpet. 11

Sofia Vergara looks like a Latina goddess when she hits the red carpet.

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Think perfect hair and flawless makeup. Every single time! It almost seems like it comes easy to her to look this good.

Sofia Vergara without makeup is perfection. 12

The Colombian star doesn't shy away from the camera! "A little sun before heading to Mexico," she wrote. What a natural beauty! 


Zoe Saldana is a vision on the red carpet. 13

Zoe Saldana is a vision on the red carpet.

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The Hollywood actress is known for rocking her signature red lipstick and winged liner. Her look is classic with a touch of badass. 

Zoe Saldana looks incredible without makeup. 14

The care-free Latina actress has no shame in her makeup-free face but why would she? Look at that perfect complexion!


Chiquis Rivera loves herself a glammed makeup look. 15

Chiquis Rivera loves herself a glammed makeup look.

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Rivera is a makeup diva on the red carpet! Her eyelashes, eyebrows and lips are always making a statement. 

Chiquis Rivera without makeup is simply beautiful. 16

She shares stunning makeup-free selfies of herself on the regular and they never disappoint.  


Demi Lovato loves a beat face more than the next chick. 17

Demi Lovato loves a beat face more than the next chick.

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The 24-year-old pop star has flawless skin, which makeup only enhances! She loves going for a dewy glow paired with a smoky eye and natural lip. But wait, because Lovato looks even better without makeup on! 

Demi Lovato is adorable without makeup. 18

Look how gorgeous her skin is in this other makeup-free selfie! You can see her freckles and perfectly clear skin. Now that's flawless. 


Cameron Diaz has been dazzling us with her beauty for years. 19

Cameron Diaz has been dazzling us with her beauty for years.

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The Hollywood actress loves rocking a bold pout and simple eyeliner when she hits the red carpet. The best part is that it seems like Diaz has been aging naturally and beautifully! 

Cameron Diaz without makeup is the best. 20

In 2013, Diaz posted a bare-faced selfie without a touch of makeup via Instagram. She looked happier than ever holding her book, The Body Book. She can definitely show us a few tips!


Salma Hayek is a star on the red carpet. 21

Salma Hayek is a star on the red carpet.

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The 50-year-old actress knows how to play up her features. She has a beautiful skin tone and loves to show it off with berry-colored lipsticks.  

Salma Hayek without makeup is everything. 22

Hayek showed off her makeup-free face in an Instagram video last year. She was eating a cricket in the clip. Perhaps that could be her secret to such flawless skin at her age? 


Adrienne Bailon goes all out when she does her makeup. 23

Bailon is a pro at modeling a full face of makeup. Sometimes she looks unrecognizable. She even stirred plastic surgery rumors at one point because of her strong contouring and plump lips. 

Adrienne Bailon without makeup is amazing though. 24

The Real host sometimes goes overboard in the makeup department, but she totally doesn't need that much on her face. Look at her giving us a sexy makeup-free selfie! Work it! 


Jessica Alba loves a good contour. 25

Jessica Alba loves a good contour.

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Alba is all about enchanging her eyes and cheekbones. Look at that bone structure!

Jessica Alba without makeup is so pretty. 26

Alba without makeup is gorgeous AF!


Mariah Carey loves to play up her diva look on the red carpet. 27

Mariah Carey loves to play up her diva look on the red carpet.

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Mariah always looks stunning when she's all dolled up, but you have to see what she looks like without makeup!

Mariah Carey without makeup 28

The 47-year-old songstress still has a baby face! She looks amazing without makeup on. Her natural glow is undeniable! 


Selena Gomez is all about the bold lip. 29

Selena Gomez is all about the bold lip.

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The 25-year-old pop star looks like a dream in red lipstick. But wait til you see her fresh-faced.

Selena Gomez slays without makeup. 30

Selenita still has such a doll face she still looks years younger. She could totally get away with hitting up a red carpet makeup-free. She absolutely could do it!


Beyoncé is simply flawless. 31

She always looks amazing, whether it's in a selfie for Instagram or on the red carpet. Her makeup tends to be more on the fresh and natural side, but she pulls bold glam off so well, too.

Bey looks a decade younger with no makeup. 32

We love seeing her let her hair down and share makeup-free selfies with her fans. The usually private star looks so fresh with a bare face. She's a true beauty, indeed.


Eva Longoria's glam is always on point. 33

Her features are already so beautiful but when she gets dolled up for the red carpet, they truly shine. She has gorgeous cheekbones and that blush just make them stand out.

We've been seeing Eva go makeup-less a lot lately. 34

Eva has been sharing a lot of super adorable selfies on Instagram with her baby boy. She looks so joyful and she's proof that a big smile is better than any makeup. 


Gina Rodriguez looks so beautiful when she goes full glam. 35

Gina is absolutely gorgeous and when she puts on makeup, she looks stunning! She showed off her makeup look in this selfie and it was the perfect mix of subtle but also fierce.

Gina is proud of her makeup-free face. 36

Gina knows that a woman's beauty comes from within. She often shares pics of herself with a bare face and shows off her gorgeous beauty marks. She totally rocks the makeup-free look!


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