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Chiquis Rivera is a hair chameleon. The singer isn't afraid of switching up her hairstyles. She's always surprising us with a new cut, color, or hair texture. Best of all, she rocks her looks with confidence. She has rocked her natural brown hair color, but fans have witnessed her hair transform through the years, going lighter and changing up so much over time. 

It's almost expected that Chiquis will share a pic on social media that shows off a new hairdo, and she rarely misses with her choices. She might wear long, wavy hair extensions for her performances onstage, but seeing her short, sleek bob haircut is proof that she can rock just about any style and look amazing doing so. 

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The reality star knows how to keep things fresh, and she does so by trying new haircuts, colors, and styles. The best part about hair is that most of the changes she undergoes aren't permanent, and extensions and wigs allow for more creativity and even more frequent changes. 

Chiquis loves looking glam and dressed up, and her hair is such a major part of her image. She takes great care of her hair with vitamins and masks, and it surely pays off. She definitely is someone who has so many great hairstyles that you can look to for inspiration. We're counting down Chiquis' hair looks that inspire us to hit the salon. 

Gallery created in collaboration with Sugey Palomares.

This short bob really works on her. 1

She looks so chic when her bob is sleek and straight. This short haircut frames her face so beautifully and brings in all the focus to her gorgeous features. 


This hairstyle is so youthful. 2

From the long, soft waves to the high half-ponytail, this look is so fun and glamorous. It definitely adds a fun twist to her look. 


This sleek half-up, half-down look is stunning. 3

This look is so polished. It pulls her hair all the way back and shows off her gorgeous face. It can also work for just about any occasion. 

Chiquis proved that ponytails don't have to be boring. 4

Sure, most people wear ponytails when they forget to wash their hair or they want to work out, but the one Chiquis wears in this pic is so stylish. We love it!


This high bun makes her look so regal. 5

This high bun makes her look so regal.


A sleek bun almost always dresses up a look and makes your whole appearance more elegant. This one definitely makes Chiquis look like a lady.


Wavy and short is definitely so fun. 6

The straight bob makes her appear so pulled together, but the short and wavy look makes her look so wild and sexy. It totally works for her. 


She wore her natural waves, and it looked gorgeous on her. 7

This hairstyle looks so pretty on her! We love that she embraces her natural wavy hair, and the length just makes it even more beautiful. 

This hair color is gorgeous. 8

In early 2019, she rocked a lighter blonde than what we're used to seeing from her. The ash blonde color really looks great on her. 


Long waves and ombré was her go-to look for a while. 9

Long waves and ombré was her go-to look for a while.


Chiquis looks beautiful when she rocks loose, long waves with a subtle ombré. This style is a keeper! 

The full top bun is stunning. 10

The full top bun is stunning.

Image via Mezcalent

The singer went chic and bold with this top bun. She looks super polished and elegant. 


This messy updo totally works. 11

This messy updo totally works.


Chiquis went for an elegant look with this messy updo. This is perfect for a wedding hairstyle and adds a splash of glam to the black gown. 

Sideswept curls are perfect for the red carpet. 12

Sideswept curls are perfect for the red carpet.


Sideswept curls instantly add a touch of elegance to any look. Chiquis pulls it off nicely, too. 


These wavy curls are a classic style. 13

These wavy curls are a classic style.


The Latina beauty strongly resembled her mom Jenni Rivera with this classic look. That's exactly how La Diva De La Banda loved styling her tresses. 

This shoulder-length haircut made her look so grown up. 14

This shoulder-length haircut made her look so grown up.


Chiquis' natural hair isn't as long as you might think. In 2014, she went for the chop. The shoulder-length cut looks great on her. 


This side-part updo was both stylish and chic. 15

This side-part updo was both stylish and chic.


Chiquis added a whimsical touch to her look by adding a textured side part. Beautiful! 

Half-up, half-down has been one of her favorites through the years. 16

At the launch of her beauty line Be Flawless, Chiquis went for a half-up half-down look that's pretty effortless and glam. 


We would love for her to rock her natural waves more often. 17

Every once in a while, Chiquis will model her natural hair. Her waves are perfection!

Pin straight definitely looks amazing on her. 18

Chiquis loves wearing a classic pin-straight style. And it is honestly very pretty on her!


We are loving this loose braid on her. 19

A loose French braid is modern and playful. Doesn't she look like she is loving her look here?

She is not afraid to rock these playful buns. 20

For Halloween, Chiquis decided to go for a silly hairstyle. The two top buns are cute!