kim kardashianKim Kardashian is rocking a much slimmer post-baby body, but there are doubts that she has shed the pounds naturally. One New York-based celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Tabasum Mir, asserts that the reality TV star has gotten up to $100,000 in cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery since giving birth to Saint in December. Can she be onto something?

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The theory 1

The theory

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Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir believes Mrs. West has been bouncing back with a lot of help from her cosmetic surgeons. According to her assessment, Kim has gotten a tummy tuck, laser treatments, and implants to give her that comeback body after giving birth to Saint in December. She may have a point here! Kim has the money and is no stranger to getting work done--even she has admitted to it in the past!


The heavy coats 2

The heavy coats

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Kim has been seen rocking countless of over-sized fur coats while making public appearances. Dr. Mir explains that post-surgery, stars have to wear compression garments. Could Kim be hiding hers underneath all that fur?


Laser treatments 3

Laser treatments

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During Kim's last pregnancy, she confessed to gaining over 50 pounds. How did she drop the weight so quickly? Dr. Mir believes Kim has also gotten non-invasive slimming laser treatments. 

Her face 4

During her first live stream post-baby, Kim was seen showing off her mom glow. Her face looks a bit puffy and her lips appear more oversized than normal. 


Breast augmentation 5

Breast augmentation

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The celebrity dermatologist also speculated that Kim has gotten a boob job to lift her cleavage. I think she looks pretty natural--especially for a mom who is breastfeeding. Besides, she showed us her tape trick for lifting her breasts. 

Hiatus 6


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Kim took a two month hiatus before stepping out in public after giving birth. Could this be enough time to recover from any cosmetic procedures? 


Slim waist 7

Slim waist

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A little over a month after giving birth, Kim was seen showing off a tiny waist. She could be waist training or be guilty of a little liposuction. We'll never know the truth! 

New hair 8

New hair

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Kim went back to blonde during NYC Fashion Week. Could this be a way to distract from what Dr. Mir thinks is the obvious? 


Setting the record straight 9

Setting the record straight

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Mrs. West's rep was asked about the plastic surgery allegations and replied, "This is false." It could be denial or fact! Which side are you on?