Nail art has been one of our favorite trends for years, and it's one that we love to embrace again and again. As the year comes to an end and we look towards 2016, try rocking one of these beautiful, glittery nails. You'll look stylish as you kiss your sweetie at midnight.

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Image via luxonlabrea/Instagram

Blue Snowflakes 1

Blue Snowflakes

Image via ohmygoshpolish/Instagram

The blue backdrop, the snowflakes... so pretty!


Black Sparkle 2

Black Sparkle

Image via nl_114/Instagram

This is quite the daring look for the holidays.


Gold Color 3

Gold Color

Image via frenchiesnailspa/Instagram

Lots of gold and lots of color make this look a winning one.

Silver Lines 4

Silver Lines

Image via naileyewaxing/Instagram

The best part about this look is that you can play around with different lines on different nails.


Nude Beauty 5

Nude Beauty

Image via nl_114/Instagram

If you want just a bit of glitter, then this is the look for you.


Gold Angels 6

Gold Angels

Image via nl_114/Instagram

Gold on white is beautiful, isn't it?


Red & Gold 7

Red & Gold

Image via whim.nail.a/Instagram

A cool, intriguing way to add some sparkle to your life.

Silver Love 8

Silver Love

Image via haninail2x/Instagram

Adding a little silver sparkle with these nails will make your life a little better.


Blue Sparkle 9

Blue Sparkle

Image via clarknails/Instagram

Black nails and blue sparkle... yes, please!

Gold Kisses 10

Gold Kisses

Image via bloom_and_nail/Instagram

We'd want to kiss these pretty nails all the time, too!


Holiday Colors 11

Holiday Colors

Image via grthengs/Instagram

Red and gold are classic colors, and they look SO good in this combo.

Gold Leopard 12

Gold Leopard

Image via annori0104/Instagram

Leopard and sparkle? There's nothing better, TBH.


Rainbow Bright 13

Rainbow Bright

Image via superradnailsisters/Instagram

A fun, colorful way to welcome in the new year.

Pink Gold 14

Pink Gold

Image via cute_nails_xx/Instagram

A subtle pop of glitter is all it takes to make these nails our favorites.


Purple Sparkle 15

Purple Sparkle

Image via sabinacaap/Instagram

It might be an unusual color, but royal purple will make you feel like a queen.

Glitter Penguin 16

Glitter Penguin

Image via fancy_journal/Instagram

Penguins are cute, therefore these nails are simply adorable. Period.


Christmas Stars 17

Christmas Stars

Image via misscinnamon90/Instagram

This looks just like the stars that the Wise Men were following, doesn't it?

Wild Glitter 18

Wild Glitter

Image via juli120627/Instagram

These nails make us feel like we're in some fantastic, sparkly jungle.


Green Sparkle 19

Green Sparkle

Image via _getlaqued_/Instagram

Green sparkle is a really fun way to add some seasonal color to your nails.

Black & Gold 20

Black & Gold

Image via luxonlabrea/Instagram

Boldness is these gorgeous black and gold nails.