chiquis riveraChiquis Rivera surprised her fans with an interesting hair color change. When I say interesting I don't mean bad. She has a fair complexion, so her decision works for her. It's just that I like her caramel locks better. Here are the celebrities who've drastically lightened their hair. 


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Image via Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Chiquis 1


Image via Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Chiquis posted this image on Instagram with her new hair color. She looks OK, but I must admit what I liked best was her figure. Her body looks amazing!


Shakira 2


Image via Getty Images

Shakira changed her hair color in 2001 and she has never gone back to her original brunette. She said in 2014, that her dark hair made her look goth.


Penélope Cruz 3

Penélope Cruz

Image via El Deseo

The Spanish actress went platinum blonde with a wig for her movie Broken Embraces, but her almost-black hair has taken golden tones over the years for real.

Eva Mendes 4

Eva Mendes

Image via Getty Images

The Cuban American actress went blonde for a very short time in 2008. She looks amazing always, but this is my least favorite style for her.


Demi Lovato 5

Demi Lovato

Image via Splash News


Although she has been brunette for a while now, there was a time when Demi Lovato changed her hair more often that others change tops. I particularly loved her blonde stage in 2013.


Gaby Espino 6

Gaby Espino

Image via Gaby Espino/Instagram

The Venezuelan actress was famous for her shiny black hair, but in 2015 she started to lighent it and so far she is looking better than ever.


Chiqui Delgado 7

Chiqui Delgado

Image via María Claudia Soto/Instagram

Chiqui Delgado left behind her dark tresses in 2014 and since then she is getting blonder and blonder.

Alexa Vega 8

Alexa Vega

Image via ABC

The Colombian American actress had promised her fans in 2012 that she was only going blonde for a role in a movie, but three years later there is no sign of going back.


Rosie Rivera 9

Rosie Rivera

Image via Rosie Rivera/Instagram

The youngest of the Rivera sibblings had shown a lot of hair style changes since launching her line of hair extensions, but surprised everybody in October 2015 with his very short and very light do.

Jessica Alba 10

Jessica Alba

Image via 20th Century Fox

As Susie Storm in the Fantastic Four (2005, 2007, 2015) movies, Jessica Alba has shown us her blonder side. I must say, I think she looks better as a bronde or brunette.


Thalía 11


Image via Univision

Thalía almost broke the Internet when she showed up blonde in the 2013 edition of Premios Juventud. She never went back to her caramel hair.