Glitter beards are a trend being embraced all around Instagram, and more. That's right, this holiday season men are all about the glitter and decorating their beards with it. Really? Whether you love it or hate it, here are some other weird, crazy and downright funny male beard trends right now. 

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Image via TheGayBeards/Instagram 

Glitter Beards 1

Glitter Beards

Photo via insideedition/Instagram

Glitter. In the beard. That's right, this is just the absolute latest trend to strike men's beards... and we kind of love it. 


Beard Baubles 2

Beard Baubles

Photo via bittesjul/Instagram

The hottest beard trend of 2014 was beard baubles. That's right, come the holidays, men started enjoying putting ornaments in their beards.


Lego Boards 3

Lego Boards

Photo via beardbaseuk/Instagram

A trend that was supposed to emerge in 2015, we have to say that we're slightly grateful that Lego beards did not, in fact, catch on.

Colorful Beard 4

Colorful Beard

Image via zamortis/Instagram

Who says men can't have as much fun with colorful hair as we do? It's just, you know, not on their heads at the moment.


Beard Braid 5

Beard Braid

Photo via timbeard84/Instagram

Braiding can be fun. And some guys with longer beards are taking advantage and braiding down there. 


Hipster Beard 6

Hipster Beard

Photo via menhairstyletop/Instagram

Having a nice, clean shaven beard is one thing. But this hipster version is... well, a little bit different.