The latest hair trend to turn my head (yes, pun intended) is a gorgeous look that people are calling "cherry bombré", a hair color invented by celeb colorist Beth Minardo who said, "This style is best for natural brunettes with long layers or no layers." But that's not the only style we're going crazy for. In fact, here is are the 11 hottest hair trends right now that you simply MUST try.

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Image via styleelin/Instagram

Cherry Bombré 1

Cherry Bombré

Photo via hairbydanielle_salonx/Instagram

This ombré turns from a brunette style into this cherry red color is a stylish new trend that we can't wait to try.


Glitter Roots 2

Glitter Roots

Photo via laura_lu__/Instagram

Glitter may be hard to get off your hair, but who would want to when it looks this amazing on?


Sock Buns 3

Sock Buns

Photo via brynellis37/instagram

Sock buns have been around on the internet for a little while, and have now surfaced on the runways. Time to fully embrace them!

Purple Balayage 4

Purple Balayage

Photo via dawnbradleyhair/Instagram

The beauty of purple balayage is that it looks good on any natural hair color: gray, black, brown, blonde...


Opal Hair 5

Opal Hair

Photo via studiomucci/Instagram

Opal hair, in pretty lavender colors, is a trend that's easy to embrace for girls who want a little (light) touch.


Double Fishtails 6

Double Fishtails

Photo via haartraum/Instagram

Fishtail braids aren't new, but the latest thing is two (or three!) in new combinations. 


Peacock Colors 7

Peacock Colors

Photo via saloninthetower/Instagram

Peacock or Mardi Gras colors are a fun, bold take for dark haired girls looking for a little oomph.

Horse Weave Braids 8

Horse Weave Braids

Photo via rebekahschott/Instagram

Horse weave braids may look a little exotic, but you can bet that there will be plenty more of them around soon.


Forehead Braids 9

Forehead Braids

Photo via jeanette.chav/Instagram

Forehead braids are a really elegant, new way to do an updo. It's especially perfect for weddings.

Teal Hair 10

Teal Hair

Photo via d_leger_hair/Instagram

If you're looking for a bold color, there's no easier trend to embrace than teal hair, especially when combined with this dark, beautiful blue.


Pastel Hair 11

Pastel Hair

Photo via hairndare/Instagram

Pastel-colored hair is especially perfect for spring and summer. It won't always be cold, right?