Being a curly haired girl isn't always easy, but it's certainly becoming a little bit more fun, thanks to the new curly hair emojis launched by Dove in a new campaign to celebrate #LoveYourCurls. Although we're ready to jump up in celebration, this isn't the only thing that curly haired girls have been patiently waiting for. Here are the 9 things we can't wait for... much longer.

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Image via Corbis

Dove Love Your Curls Emoji Keyboard 1

Dove Love Your Curls Emoji Keyboard

Image via DOVE

The Dove Love Your Curls Emoji Keyboard is available in the App Store and Google Play, and will include over 131 curly-haired emoji variations with many different skin tones and hair colors. That way, you have tons of options to share your curly haired love! Click through for 9 inventions curly-haired girls wish existed.


Magic Blow Dryer That Works in 5 Minutes 2

Magic Blow Dryer That Works in 5 Minutes

Photo via JamesDPhotography/flickr

Blow drying your hair in 5 minutes, what?! That will never happen to a girl with curls, but maybe one day there will be a blow dryer that can magically do the job in a short amount of time. We can dream, right?


Potion You Can Drink for Anti-Frizzy Hair 3

Potion You Can Drink for Anti-Frizzy Hair

Photo via Patrick Crosling/flickr

Frizzy hair just isn't fun, and we really wish that it would be easily fixed when the weather gets warm. The perfect invention would be a sports drink that doubles as a potion that makes our hair instantly smooth. Yes!

Hair-Friendly Weather Forecast 4

Hair-Friendly Weather Forecast

Photo via kiwinz/flickr

Checking the weather is a must for us, especially to see what dangers may befall our curly hair. An app that combines the two would be pretty fantastic. We can't wait for those "it's sunny and safe to wear your hair down!" notifications.


Conditioner-Based Points Credit Card 5

Conditioner-Based Points Credit Card

Photo via Clean Wal-Mart/flickr

Buying conditioner in bulk is pretty standard for girls with curly hair. We always need plenty of it, and a credit card that gives us extra points based on our hair care product purchases would definitely be a nice reward.


Bangs That Can Come & Go 6

Bangs That Can Come & Go

Photo via Janine/flickr

Cutting bangs on curly hair is always a tricky endeavor. But what if we could wish for bangs that would disappear and reappear whenever we wanted? We don't know how it would work, but we would definitely invest... 


Fairy Godmother Just for Updo's 7

Fairy Godmother Just for Updo's

Image via Tom Simpson/flickr

Having a fairy Godmother to send us to the ball is nice, but what about one that can magically put our curly hair into a fabulous updo whenever we need to go out? Now that's something we can get behind!

An Auto-Unclogging Drain 8

An Auto-Unclogging Drain

Photo via natureboy_1958/flickr

If you have long hair, then you know how unpleasant it is to clean out that shower drain every day. But if you're a curly haired girl, then it's an even bigger nightmare than usual. A drain that cleans itself would be a dream come true.


Completely Unbreakable Hair Ties 9

Completely Unbreakable Hair Ties

Photo via Laura Kishimoto/flickr

Breaking hair ties is pretty much a daily occurrence in the world of curly haired girls. But all of that could be over if we could just find that really special one that will never, ever break. No matter how many times we abuse it.

Google Maps for Best Curly Hair Salons 10

Google Maps for Best Curly Hair Salons

Photo via Armand Frasco/flickr

It's difficult to find that great hairstylist who can actually deal with our curly hair. Recommendations from friends, unless they have the exact same kind of hair that we do, don't always work out. Finding a trustworthy way to map the best salon that can actually do the job would be heaven.