nail trendsIt's hard not to obsess over the latest trends in nail art, and it's even more difficult when the newest thing looks as cool as these shattered glass-inspired nails. #GlassNails, as they have been popularized on Instagram, is a look straight out of South Korea. But you don't have to travel the world to check out these and the other hottest nail trends of 2015 (so far, anyway). 

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Images via nail_unistella/Instagram, braidandnail/Instagram,nailsbysarahs/Instagram

Broken Glass Nails 1

Broken Glass Nails

Photo via nail_unistella/Instagram

Broken glass nails are the hottest trend of 2015. Of course, they're not real glass but actually slivers of cellophane. Still, the nail masters behind this creative look sure do know how to make your hands look AH-MAZING.


Lipstick Nails 2

Lipstick Nails

Photo via nicolle.meyer/Instagram

What's the latest nail shape, you ask? We're loving this lipstick nail shape, which has taken over Instagram and inspired a new way of doing your nails in the most (ahem) uniquely angled way. 


Soft Ombré French Manicure 3

Soft Ombré French Manicure

Photo via nailsbysarahs/Instagram

The French manicure is a classic. Who doesn't love it? But the latest way to do it comes in the form of our favorite color trend--ombré! This soft pink ombré take on the traditional mani is almost too cute for words. 

Bubble Nails 4

Bubble Nails

Photo via nail_tails/Instagram

These "bubble" nails have some lovers and some haters, but there's no denying that they're a surprising new way to accessorize your fingers. By piling nail polish on in this way, you'll definitely be making a statement.


Real Feather Nails 5

Real Feather Nails

Photo via katiehaile/Instagram

Using a real feather to create nail art? We're in! This unique design, which can used both on plain nail polish as well as shellac, gives your nails an added dose of pretty without much of a headache. 


Matte & Sparkly Combo 6

Matte & Sparkly Combo

Photo via Julepmaven/Instagram

The combo color nail has never been as dramatic as with this demonstration of the matte and sparkly nail. If you're looking for a creative take on those matte colors we can't get enough of, just add a little glitter to the mix!


Gold Accent 7

Gold Accent

Photo via karengnails/Instagram

Wherever we looked this season, gold accent nails were all over the Fall fashion runways. Whether it was a tiny little jewel like this one or a bold stripe in the middle of your nail (vertical OR horizontal), time to spruce it up!

Grunge Nails 8

Grunge Nails

Photo via shidoh_/Instagram

The latest matte colors and dark nails are perfect for the resurfacing grunge trend. We're loving this Dia de los Muertos-inspired look using matte color and a silver cross. What could be better this time of year?


Galaxy Nails 9

Galaxy Nails

Photo via braidandnail/Instagram

To say that I'm just a little obsessed with these out-of-this-world nails would be an understatement. They look amazing, and are shockingly much easier to do that we could have ever imagined. 

Lattice Nails 10

Lattice Nails

Photo via partialpolish/Instagram

Lattice nails will always remind us of pie this time of year, but that's definitely a good thing. As an interesting take on the French manicure trend, this nude-and-white combo is easy (and fun!) to duplicate.