paulina vegaI love how beauty queens never like admitting they've had work done. They want us to believe God just made them that perfect! The moment Colombia's Miss Universe winner Paulina Vega hit the stage I knew something was different about her. And by different I mean sort of fake. She's a gorgeous girl, but we all know Miss Universe contestants seem to have their own secret society when it comes to faking the natural look. Vega recently answered the daunting question whether she supports going under the knife and tried to answer it as gracefully as possible. Girl, I'm not buying it. 

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Looking back at the earlier years, when Lupita Jones and Dayanara Torres won the crown, women looked curvier and more natural. You didn't have these robot figures that are all a size zero with giant boobs. Since the 2000's, it seems like they've all started morphing into Victoria's Secret model look-alikes. The pageant's king, Donald Trump, has publicly stated that plastic surgery isn't a form of cheating in the competition as long as you're "born a female." How insane is that!?

Despite Trump being open about allowing contestants to get nips and tucks, very few of them actually confess to being enhanced. Vega told The Huffington Post she agrees with contestants being enhanced:

I agree, but not when they use this new technology, this new tool excessively. I think that you should always retain your original body, because we are all born beautiful.

However, she denies ever going under the knife. Just by glancing at her, I can tell she has a fresh sparkly set of veneers. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but at least be honest about it. We're born beautiful and we could probably all be Miss Universes with the "new technology" they use, but I would say, "No, thank you." Natural is always best. 

Image via Paulina Vega/Instagram

Juliana Borges before 1

Juliana Borges before

Image via

Borges represented Brazil at the 2001 Miss Universe and has been brutally honest about going under the knife for pageant perfection. She has confessed to getting 19 procedures including breast implants. Wait until you see her after! 


Juliana Borges after 2

Juliana Borges after

Image via

She looks way curvier! I don't think she needed the work at all, but her form of thinking is different. "It's like studying for a math exam and you get good grades, you study and you work hard to have the perfect body," she told ABC News


Fonthip Watcharatrakul before 3

Fonthip Watcharatrakul before

Image via

The 2010 Miss Universe contestant representing Thailand had so much cosmetic surgery that she was left almost unrecognizable. She also bleached her skin to look lighter. 

Fonthip Watcharatrakul after 4

Fonthip Watcharatrakul after

Image via

She looks like a different person! It looks like she got a nose job and had her skin bleached. She looks more like an Asian Kim Kardashian now. Freaky. 


Gabriela Isler before 5

Gabriela Isler before

Image via

The Miss Universe 2013 winner hailing from Venezuela caused controversy right after winning her crown. Fans were shocked when before photos surfaced featuring a very different Isler. Her changes were pretty drastic! 


Gabriela Isler after 6

Gabriela Isler after

Image via

It looks like the 26-year-old got a nose job and her chin and cheeks contoured. The hair color also adds to her different look. Wow, she looks like a new person! 


Dayana Mendoza before 7

Dayana Mendoza before

Image via Vimeo

The Miss Universe 2008 winner is super secretive about whether she has gone under the knife. When asked once, the Venezuelan beauty replied, "Asking me that is like asking a woman her age." Clearly she has...

Dayana Mendoza after 8

Dayana Mendoza after

Image via

Mendoza looks like she has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure. She's flawless now! 


Ximena Navarrete before 9

Ximena Navarrete before

Image via Youtube

The 2010 Miss Universe winner from Mexico has always denied getting plastic surgery. However, when you compare photos of her pageant days in Jalisco, there is a clear difference in bra size. 

Ximena Navarrete after 10

Ximena Navarrete after

Image via Getty Images

Judging from the photos, Ximena went from an A-cup to a C-cup. What a difference! 


Amelia Vega before 11

Amelia Vega before

Image via Getty Images

In 2003, the Dominican beauty won her crown. Although it's questionable whether she was enhanced back then, it looks like she has had work done on her nose since her win. 

Amelia Vega after 12

Amelia Vega after

Image via Getty Images

Vega's nose looks sharper and perfect in every angle now. It was a minor change. She was beauty before and looks just as pretty now! 


Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza before 13

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza before

Image via Getty Images

The 2006 Miss Universe winner from Puerto Rico received some help from her plastic surgeon. Mendoza reportedly had her nose refined and her breasts enhanced. She also dropped at least 20 pounds before the competition.

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza after 14

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza after

Image via Getty Images

Now many suspect that her pompis have been enhanced too. Given this photo from 2014, that may be the case! 


Alicia Machado before 15

Alicia Machado before

Image via Getty Images

The 1996 Miss Universe winner from Venezuela reportedly got the tip of her nose restructured before her big win. Comparing this image from 2004 and the following from 2014, it doesn't seem like she has messed with her face much since. Although...

Alicia Machado after 16

Alicia Machado after

Image via Getty Images

Many suspect that she has had her booty enhanced. I don't know about that, but her face looks naturally beautiful. 


Denise Quinones before 17

Denise Quinones before

Image via Getty Images

Miss Puerto Rico, who won Miss Universe in 2001, reportedly was unsatisfied with her nose and went under the knife before the pageant. This photo from 2002 and the next one from 2010 shows Denise with a slightly even thinner nose. 

Denise Quinones after 18

Denise Quinones after

Image via Getty Images

She looks like she hasn't aged a bit! Could that be natural? You never know with these women. 


Wi May Nava before 19

Wi May Nava before

Image via YouTube

Back in 2013, 18-year-old Nava was the runner-up for Miss Venezuela's beauty pageant. She later confessed to having a mesh patch sewn to her tongue to prevent her from eating solids. She told BBC, "It makes me lose weight quicker." Insane! 

Wi May Nava after 20

Wi May Nava after

Image via Wi May Nava/Twitter

A very slim Nava hit the stage during the pageant. I would never go this extreme for a crown! She looks way too thin.