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Many of us Latinas are curvy and love it, but for a long time, we barely saw curvy celebs in the spotlight. The iconic Selena Quintanilla and Jennifer Lopez were the only two famous women who really represented real women for a while, and they became icons for women with similar body shapes as them. They helped shift the beauty standards because now you have countless beautiful celebs with curvy bodies, like Chiquinquirá Delgado, who are proud to show them off, and I say the more the merrier. 

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The cultural standard has shifted quite a lot in recent years and now everyone seems to want the hourglass figure that so many of our favorite stars already possessed. Stars like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian love to show off their small waists and bigger-than-life behinds. It's one thing to have wide hips and big booties, but having a tiny waist to go with them is just unfair!

It's so wonderful to see women who are curvy finally get the adoration they deserve, and while for some it comes naturally, many of our favorite stars have put in work to maintain a small waist and toned abs. Women who have curvas are beautiful and we're celebrating women who are curvy and proud! Can you guess everyone on the list? Scroll through to find out!

Kim Kardashian's waist is shrinking. 1

Kim Kardashian's waist is shrinking.

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Kim has always been known for her impressive curves, but lately she's been hitting the gym so hard and focusing on strengthening her core so her waist is smaller than ever, which only creates an optical illusion that makes her body look even curvier.


Cardi B's midsection is unreal. 2

Cardi's body has always been amazing. She has been flaunting her petite and curvy body for as long as we can remember, but it was only after she had her first baby in 2018 that we noticed just how toned and tiny her waist is! She loves to show it off in crop tops and bustiers while taking the stage and we don't blame her at all.


Jennifer Lopez's belly doesn't get the recognition it deserves. 3

Who doesn't envy J.Lo's toned and curvy physique? She has been rocking hers since the 1990s! Her booty has gotten all the attention over the years but can we admire the consistency of her toned abs and waist for one second?

Beyoncé has always had the most enviable six pack. 4

The "Drunk In Love" singer has been about the fitness life since she was a teenager, and her tiny waist is proof! Now, three kids later and her hourglass frame is still an absolute dream.


Iggy Azalea has the perfect hourglass shape. 5

Iggy may have her share of haters, but you can't knock her for her beautiful figure. She has one of the tiniest waists on the red carpet! 


Ninel Conde's body is a dream. 6

Her nickname is El Bombón Asesino for a reason. Ninel takes her slim waist seriosuly and is known for wearing her faja almost religiously. 


Nicki Minaj totally loves her curves. 7

The rapper loves using bold prints and form-fitting outfits to exaggerate her curves even more. Very eye-catching! 

Chiquinquirá Delgado's figure is amazing. 8

The NBL host knows what it takes to be a pageant queen. Sg=he definitely knows how to pose and work what she's got! 


Aracely Arambula has curves in all the right places. 9

Aracely goes hard at the gym to get her muscular physique. We love how shapely her waist is!

Gaby Espino keeps her body in shape. 10

Gaby Espino keeps her body in shape.

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The Venezuelan mother of two is giving Kim Kardashian some competition! She has the same frame as her and looks way more natural if you ask me. 


Salma Hayek rocked our world in the bikini she wore in "From Dusk Till Dawn." 11

Salma Hayek rocked our world in the bikini she wore in

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Salma has always loved her body and takes pride in not being the size of a toothpick. Pretty inspiring! 

Khloé Kardashian has worked hard for her body. 12

The new mama went through a full body transformation and now has a tiny waist to pair with her massive curves. The reality star is known for having a big booty and now her new abs and waist make it all look even better.


Aylin Mujica is shaped like a Coke bottle! 13

Aylin Mujica is shaped like a Coke bottle!

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The Cuban telenovela star isn't shy about showing off her curves--and why should she be? The 40-year-old star looks amazing! 

Kylie Jenner has always been a fan of waist trainers. 14

She has been promoting them for so long on Instagram, and it looks like it worked out for her! Her body has been growing more curvaceous as the years pass, but her waist continued to be super small.


Dita Von Teese lives the corset life. 15

And it shows! She might not be the curviest of the bunch, but the burlesque dancer has such an impressive shape and the smallest waist ever.

Amara La Negra is the definition of thick. 16

Amara's lower half is incredibly curvaceous but her waist?! It's practically nonexistent. 


Shakira might be petite, but her waist is still impressive. 17

Shakira is not a fan of posting revealing photos, but she doesn't have to. We all know her hips don't lie and those belly dancing moves sure paid off! 

Camila Cabello has matured a lot since her Fifth Harmony days. 18

And her Cuban genes are showing more and more as she gets older! She appeared at the Grammys in 2019 in a pink dress that showed off her round hips and big booty--and her slim waist.


Sofia Vergara knows the secret to keeping your waist slim but also keeping your curves. 19

Sofia has been showing us how incredible her body is since the beginning of her career, and it hasn't changed one bit. 

Singer Mya's vegan lifestyle has given her an amazing physique. 20

The singer is well into her 40s but her body looks better than most 20-year-olds! Her waist to hip ratio is insane and it almost makes us want to change our diets forever if it means looking like this.