Alicia Machado denies rumors of plastic surgery on her pompis

aliciaFake traseros are everywhere nowadays, but Alicia Machado wants us to know that she's all natural. The former Miss Universe has been raising eyebrows since rocking a fuller and rounder derriere recently. The outspoken Venezuelan is putting the rumors to rest, but I have to admit, I question her sincerity. The 38-year-old doesn't seem like she's a stranger to plastic surgery, but she calls her booty a "natural inheritance." The photos don't lie though! 


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During an interview with the television program Hoy, Alicia declared:

Yes, because now everyone is operated suddenly they are always hitting the same subject with me, no? People seem to forget that I was Miss Universe, I will never forget it. I know it was many years ago, but I exercise a lot and take care of myself.

She totally has an ego about this! I get that she was Miss Universe in 1995, but that doesn't exclude her from the "celebs with plastic surgeries" list. Of course, that doesn't mean that she has gotten work done either. I just believe that the chances are higher that she did get something done.

Alicia is pretty athletic and was on Mira Quien Baila. She stays in amazing shape. J.Lo is almost a decade older and also maintains a wonderful figure while looking all natural. That means it can be done.

Alicia also added:

Nowadays everyone has giant chichis that are operated and big pompas too. No, mine are a natural inheritance of life.

I hate that famous women have to defend themselves like this. Even if her butt was enhanced, why would she declare it to everyone? Alicia and all of these famous women want to get work done and still look natural. The whole point is to deceive the public into thinking that they're amazing creatures who never age and have the perfect figure. But just by looking at this pic ... she isn't fooling me--or anyone!

alicia machado

Images via Alicia Machado/Instagram

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