Camila Alves really goes blonde for 2015 Golden Globes

Camila Alves goes blondeI had a feeling Camila Alves was seriously considering lightening her locks. She posted up a picture to Instagram on Friday afternoon of her rocking a blonde wig, asking her followers their thoughts on her going lighter. As gorgeous as this woman is, I was hoping she'd stick to her darker strands, but apparently she already had her mind set on going blonde for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards that took place on Sunday. The Brazilian beauty hit up the red carpet with her scruffy bearded husband, Matthew McConaughey and her new blonde highlights.


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The 2015 Golden Globes was definitely full of surprises. Between Gina Rodriguez taking home a Globe and bringing us to tears with her sentimental speech, Jeremy Renner talking about J.Lo's boobs and Camila Alves going blonde, it was an unforgettable night. The second I spotted Camila on the red carpet with Matthew McConaughey I freaked the hell out!

Camila Alves shows blonde hair at Golden Globes 2015First of all, let me start off by saying that Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey are one of my favorite Hollywood couples. I think they're hot and look crazy about each other. But the only thing that looked crazy last night was Matthew's funky beard and Camila's newly blonde strands. The hair washed out her face and made her look like a completely different person. Just imagine how much better that updo would have looked with her naturally black hair. Ugh, so much better, right?

I'm not saying Camila can't go blonde, I'm just saying that it takes away from her uniquely gorgeous features like her dark, thick eyebrows, her black eyelashes and her beautiful honey complexion. If she wanted to go lighter, I would have suggested she get more subtle-looking highlights. This was a total overkill and I definitely was NOT feeling it. Crossing my fingers she dyes it back soon!

Images via Camila Alves/Instagram, Getty Images

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