Camila Alves goes blonde!

Camila Alves goes blondeIt looks like Camila Alves has officially changed up her look for the new year. The Brazilian model/designer and gorgeous wife of actor, Matthew McConaughey posted a picture of her new to Instagram and the woman has gone blonde! That's right--blonde! It's the first time the dark-haired beauty has ever gone this light and I have to admit she still looks pretty darn good. But you're going to have to see it to believe it!


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Okay, so maybe I exaggerated just a tiny bit. Camila didn't exactly go blonde--yet anyway! But she did post up a picture of herself sporting a sexy blonde wig. Apparently she's debating whether or not she should go lighter. "Never been blonde before. Working up courage for a change. Should I do it? Have appointment tomorrow! Thoughts? Help!" she captioned the photo.

Camila Alves goes blonde

I'm a little on the fence with this one. A part of me says, go for it! Camila clearly looks good with any hair color. But then on the other, dark strands have always suited her so well. They complement her dark, full brows, long black eyelashes and her honey-toned complexion. So I don't know about this one. Maybe she should just add some honey highlights or something. Oh wait, she's done that already!

Listen, if Kim Kardashian could rock blonde hair, I don't see why Camila can't. They both have beautiful dark features. Regardless of what Camila decides to do with her strands, I'm sure she'll look good either way. Hmmm, I wonder how Matthew McConaughey would feel about his lovely wife going blonde!

Images via Camila Alves/Instagram

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