BotoxRemember way back when Botox first started being talked about? It seems like ages ago ... and now Botox is EVERYWHERE. People are still using it in their faces to deal with wrinkles and supposedly look younger, but it's also being used for other purposes like maintaining a blowout. Yup, that's right, apparently there are women Botoxing their scalps so they won't sweat and mess up their hair because--oh my Dios--that would be the end of the world … NOT!

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Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, Botox has been used by some to treat excessive sweating from armpits or feet, and it does work for that, so I guess someone with a really great blowout had the bright idea to get someone to inject her head full of Botox so that her head wouldn't sweat and make the blowout go bye-bye. And of course there's always someone willing to get paid to inject Botox any old place so a new use for Botox came about. INSANITY!

To begin with, you must have some kind of money if being able to Botox your entire head is no big thing. Also, according to dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco, "Scalp injections should hurt more than facial Botox injections because the scalp is thicker." OUCH!

I'm sorry, but that's just too far to go for vanity. It's absurd in my opinion. So what if you do mess up your blow out when you work out? Deal with it! You're supposed to sweat when you work out, it's normal and natural.

Amigas, unfortunately women will do ridiculous things in the name of beauty. Trust me, this Botoxing your head thing is just the tip of the iceberg. Click through the gallery to see nine more insane beauty treatments. –Additional reporting Johanna Ferreira

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Hair burning 1

Hair burning

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Women in Brazil get a signature velaterapia (a.k.a hair burning or candle therapy) procedure that is supposed to get rid of split ends and make hair healthier.


Vagina bleaching 2

Vagina bleaching

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Apparently some women don’t like having a brown vagina, even if the rest of their body does happen to be brown. Weird, I know! A new Indian product called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash is designed specifically to give you a nice, white vag. Seriously, WTF?!


Urine therapy 3

Urine therapy

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Yes, it is just as gross as it sounds. This ancient practice of orally consuming one’s urine was used to help heal the body, whether of diseases or to ward off wrinkles. What?! Some locas today even massage 4-day-old urine on their skin and scalp to help condition hair and deeply hydrate their bodies. What the heck is wrong with people?

Vagina "Barbie" surgery 4


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As if women weren’t already completely obsessed with their vaginas, now there’s a plastic surgery out there that will leave yours looking just like Barbie’s. What does that mean exactly? The entire labia minora (the lips of a woman’s vulva) are removed so that the outside of your vag pretty much looks as smooth as a Barbie’s dolls. Now, why would someone think that’s a good idea?


Butt facial 5

Butt facial

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Because apparently getting facials for your face just isn’t enough. Similar to a traditional facial, butt facials cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes. They also take it one step further by de-blemishing and massaging your ass to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Snake massages 6

Snake massages

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In Israel spa gurus like to use non-venomous snakes to help massage their client’s backs. The snake kneading and trembling apparently helps relax  muscles and support blood circulation. Right … sounds more like torture to me.


Leech detox treatment 7

Leech detox treatment

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Women have traveled to Austria where private "leech therapy" sessions are performed. You pretty much get naked, shave your body and let leeches suck your blood. This treatment is designed to "detox" your blood and restore youthfulness. Just the thought of this is making me woozy!

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery 8

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery

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Of course there’s a surgery out there designed to make your vagina look and "feel like a virgin" again, because every woman out there is just dying to relive that tight and painful first time experience. Yippy!


Chinese fire treatment 9

Chinese fire treatment

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This widely practiced Chinese beauty treatment is used to help relax your muscles and to heal swelling, rashes, aches, or pains. A wet towel is first placed onto the affected area, followed by a sprinkling of alcohol. Then once everything is set the towel is then lit up into flames. Um … how the heck is this relaxing?