6 Truths about plastic surgery NO ONE will tell you

plastic surgeryWhat starts as a little lift here and there often becomes a full blown plastic surgery procedure. We often tend to think that they are simple because when women start getting them, they can't seem to stop. There are certain facts about plastic surgeries, though, that almost no one talks about. These are truths that for the most part, surgeons never really tell their patients, they share them with friends. Keep reading because we are going to tell you what plastic surgeons really think about certain procedures.


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The following questions were asked by friends and answered by plastic surgeons. Before you decide to make some alterations, learn about these truths so you won't throw your money away.

1. Can you eliminate stretch marks? Sorry, but those are not going anywhere. They start appearing during puberty due to hormonal changes. We are growing and the skin stretches. They have to do with genetics, so if you have them, your daughters will have them too.

2. What about cellulite? It's the bane of our existence. We all have the pock marks since infancy, but they get worse as we get older. No procedures will eliminate them, but if you are skinny, they are less pronounced. Those pricey procedures will change the appearance for a while, but won't eliminate them.

3. Is cosmetic surgery a good solution? Doctor Edwin Williams, president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, thinks cosmetic surgery is unnecessary. Whenever his friends ask him about correcting stuff on their faces, he always says to leave it alone because, he believes, people focus on certain imperfections on themselves no one else can see.

4. Tummy tucks are serious! It seems that almost everyone has one after they had kids. You think is an easy ambulatory thing, well you are wrong. Dr. Anureet K. Bajaj says that it takes a long time to recover, for some women it might be up to a year. The incision is big, from hip bone to hip bone and the recovery is long and painful.

5. Can you look like your favorite celeb? Dr. Anne Taylor says that her patients often bring pics of the boobs, lips and abs they want and they are often disappointed when she says that's not possible. The alterations have to go accordingly to your body and surgeons can't take the nose from one person and put it on the other.

6. Botox is not forever. Botox is meant for quick fixes, but they have no effect in the long run. Your skin will get used in the solution and stop responding. Sleep on your back, drink plenty of water, stay away from the sun and don't smoke if you want a younger looking skin.

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