I love decorating my vanity table with fancy perfume bottles more than the next chick, but those full-sized fragrances aren't exactly practical for a busy woman like me who's always on the go. I can't tell you how many times I've left my house only to realize that I completely forgot to spritz on some of my favorite scent (in my case Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance). It's the most annoying thing ever. I can't get through my day smelling like body soap (the one I use has no fragrance) or like nothing at all. If I want to feel sexy and confident, I have to smell like it. What's a girl to do?

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If you're one of those women who tends to forget to spritz on perfume before leaving her house, don't worry! There's no reason to go about your day smelling like nothing special with all the amazing portable options out there. These amazing fragrance buys are so small and practical you can easily slip them into any of your bags--even that holiday clutch! So whether you're traveling or just want a nice midday refresher, here are my 10 favorite fragrances for the busy woman on the go that actually smell kind of amazing!

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Ralph Lauren 1

Ralph Lauren

Image via Ralphlauren.com

I feel in love with Ralph Lauren's Midnight Romance at first sniff, which is why I was thrilled when I heard they came out with a Midnight Romance Rollerball ($23). I'm going to take this thing with me everywhere!


Dior 2


Image via Dior.com

I'm obsessed with Miss Dior Eau De Parfum Purse Spray ($100). The floral scent is sweet and sensual and the refillable spray bottle is super convenient.


Chloe 3


Image via Sephora.com

What's better than a Chloe fragrance? The Chloe Mini Travel Gift Set ($15). The scents are fresh, smooth and--I have to admit--kind of addictive!

Marc Jacobs 4

Marc Jacobs

Image via Sephora.com

Switch up your scent with Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy Rollerball Trio ($44). The options are delicious.


Comptoir 5


Image via Sephora.com

If you're into sweeter scents or just the kind that reminds you of food, try Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanilla Extreme Rollerball ($20). The sweet vanilla smell will totally remind you of ice cream!


Amouage 6


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How cute is this Amouage Solid Perfume Compact ($70). You can freshen up with your favorite fragrance while on the go.


Estee Lauder 7

Estee Lauder

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Estee Lauder Golden Cocktainl Ring Solid Perfume Compact ($49) doubles as a fashion accessory and a fragrance. Perfect for those must-needed holiday party touch-ups.

Flower 8


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Who says you have to break the bank to find a good fragrance these days? Flower by Drew Barrymore fragrance in Radiant ($10) smells just as striking as its name and cost close to nothing.


Sea Sprite 9

Sea Sprite

Image via Longwinterfarm.com

Sea Sprite Perfume Oil ($9) hydrates your skin as much as it makes you smell good. Think of it as the best of both worlds.

Dolce & Gabbana 10

Dolce & Gabbana

Image via Sephora.com

If you have a taste for the finer things, try Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Spray ($29). It's almost too good for words.