5 Ways to add brown sugar to your beauty routine

My obsession with adding brown sugar to my beauty routine began about two years ago. I was suffering from a chronic case of chapped lips (as I usually do during the brutal NYC winter) and had tried every lip balm and treatment under the sun. It got to the point where I became tempted to just rip off all the dry skin off my lips--don't judge me! But I didn't, because before I could, someone wound up telling me about a DIY brown sugar and olive oil lip scrub that literally worked wonders. Not only did it buff away all that nasty lip skin but it deeply hydrated my pout too. You'd be surprised what other beauty benefits you can reap from good ol' brown sugar!


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Sugar might get a bad rap in the health department, but you'd be surprised how beneficial it is for your skin. Yes, I'm talking about brown sugar--the one that you eat! It works as a natural exfoliant that keeps skin nourished, soft and glowy. They're also a lot gentler than salt scrubs which could be harsh on sensitive skin. Here are 5 reasons why brown sugar is actually REALLY good for your skin!

It exfoliates: Exfoliating your skin is actually an important part of your beauty routine. Using a scrub made from brown sugar helps to buff away dead skin cells, polish skin and stimulates blood circulation.

It's moisturizing: Sugar is actually a natural humectant, which means it helps to draw moisture from the environment and penetrates into our skin. So you're not just exfoliating you're also hydrating.

It rejuvenates: You probably didn't know this, but sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid. It's comes from an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps encourage skin cell turnover, leaving your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and younger-looking.

It helps treat sun-damage. The glycolic acids in brown sugar can actually help treat sun damage and lighten sun spots. Make sure to always follow with a SPF of at least 30 afterwards.

It smooths cracked lips: Put aside all your lip treatments and balms, brown sugar smooths out a dry pout in seconds. Just mix it with a little bit of coconut or olive oil!

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