Extreme plastic surgery transformations from China will shock you!

Asian feature Transforming your face until you're almost unrecognizable appears to be growing more and more into a beauty trend in China. Drastic before and afters reveals a plastic surgery fascination in Asia that doesn't seem to be slowing down. This feels like the canceled reality show The Swan without the women actually being "ugly ducklings" being transformed. These women are heading to plastic surgeons for lighter skin, narrower faces and removal of their epicanthic folds. 


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The woman in the photo above named Liu Yisong managed to get her entire face reshaped. She also got her eyes, nose, lips and forehead "redone." Basically, she looks like a new human. She's beautiful, but in a "clone like" way. 

I'm all about getting a little work done as long as it makes you feel better, but transforming yourself into a new woman is a bit intense. What makes this even more disturbing is that they seem to be removing all of the facial features that are connected to their culture. I'm married to a Chinese man--a handsome Chinese man and I'm not just saying that because he's my husband. I love all of his features because they make him who he is. It's not a thing about exoticism either. There's no Asian man fetish thing involved. I simply find him beautiful.

When we have children, I would be heartbroken if my daughter hated her features so much that she would want to get these crazy procedures done. There is a certain level of unconscious self-hate involved. The European aesthetic of long narrower faces, bigger eyes and lighter skin seems to be what is socially considered "beautiful." Did the parents fail to teach self-love? I wonder that with girls that get crazy work done in the U.S. too. Embrace your flaws and call it a day! It's cheaper and less painful afterall. 

It must be so incredibly painful to shave your jaw bone, slice open your eyelids and get laser treatments to whiten your skin! My mother-in-law is all too familiar with the popularity of these transformations in China. She hasn't gotten any work done herself, but she mentions that all of the women are starting to look the same. A lot of it appears to be embedded in status too. They have enough money to get all of this done and wear it as proudly as a designer purse. That's cute and everything, but at what point is it about what's inside? Well, they seem to be smiling too much to care. 

Some of these are just so shocking! Do you think the beauty trend should go away?

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