13-year-old gets illegal tattoo on her neck and it has a spelling mistake

tattooA 19-year-old tattoo artist has been sentenced to an 8-month suspended prison sentence for giving a teen girl the worst tattoo in the history of life! Well, actually, he's being sent up the creek for giving a minor an illegal tattoo. But, still, the tattoo is so bad, it really should be considered criminal.


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Jackson Rowsell of Portsmouth, England committed an unforgivable crime against grammar when he gave a 13-year-old girl a neck tattoo that reads, get this, "belleve." Not believe. Belleve. On her neck. Where everyone can see. Then he had the cojones to charge the girl $20 for the job. Unbellevable! Or is it?

Honestly, the chica should have seen this coming. According to the teen herself, the circumstances under which she got her ink were pretty questionable. First of all, she reportedly met this guy via Facebook. Second, she agreed to get the ink done at Rowsell's home, in his bedroom. And perhaps the biggest red flag of them all: Rowsell reportedly used Jack Daniels whiskey as a cleanser before sketching out the "amateurish" design. What?! How did she not go running for the hills after that? I guess she really wanted that tat.

Well, she got it and it looks terrible. The teen is reportedly mortified, as she should be. Not only did she pay someone to literally scar her for life, but she did so after she promised her mother she would wait 'til she was older to get a tattoo. Ahora, she has to deal with the fact that she's ruined her body as well as her parents' trust. It's hard to tell which is worse.

Since getting her terrible tattoo, the girl has undergone HIV and hepatitis testing, and has fortunately tested negative for both. As for Rowsell, he 'fessed up to causing bodily harm, tattooing a child, and tattooing on unlicensed premises. He has since received an eight-month suspended jail sentence and was ordered to do 120 hours of community service and pay the girl £300. GOOD!

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