Pubic-hair transplants are a thing now

The great pubic-hair debate seems to be a never-ending one. I'm starting to feel like I'm the only woman these day with a hairless vagina. We're living in a bush era, girl, and everyone and their mother seems to believe that au naturale is the way to go now. But how far would you go to get back on the pubic hair bandwagon? Apparently some chicks are so desperate for a hairy va-ja-jay the're even opting for pubic-hair transplants. Yes, that's really a thing!


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I thought I've heard every crazy vagina trend known to woman before pubic-hair transplants. There's vaginal facials, vaginal steaming, vaginal rejuvenation surgery (the one that makes you a virgin again) and even bleaching because apparently our vaginas are too brown.

Doctors have been more vocal lately about how pubic hair removing can do more harm than good to your vagina. They claim that bikini waxing, laser hair removal and even shaving can increase your risks of developing a vaginal infection or of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Even celebs like Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow and Solange have been supporting the whole bush movement.

Listen, I have nothing against women who like to rock a vagina full of hair down there--to each her own! But what I do find strange, is that there's women paying thousands of dollars to have pubic hair transplants. Now that's just weird! Yes, chica women are actually getting hair transplanted from their heads onto their vaginas and according to reports the procedure starts at around $2,000. Seriously?

Unlike Americans, women in Korea actually see pubic hair as a good thing. Not only do they find it attractive but believe it to be a sign of sexual health and fertility. Hence, where the whole bush grafting trend derived from. And they're not doing it to necessarily please their men either. According to a study from the Arumdaun Nara Dermatologic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, around seventy four percent of women get it done to impress other women. Don't believe me? Try walking around a communal bath house in Korea with a bare vagina and watch how many chicks give you the side-eye. Crazy, right?

I don't care if Queen Bey herself (Beyoncé I mean) starts rocking a bush, no one is getting me to grow out my pubic hairs. I actually like sporting a hairless vagina. It makes me feel clean, groomed and sexy. I don't do it to impress other women (honestly who does that?) or even for men. I leave my vagina bare for me, myself and I and will continue to do so for as long as I feel like it!

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