SEE: Kim Kardashian chopped all her hair off!

Is it me or has Kim been a lot more flexible with her hair these days? There was a time where she'd only sport her signature, long black strands to no end. She'd only wear it two ways: Sleek straight or in soft, loose waves. But she's become a lot more daring since giving birth to her baby girl, North. Remember when she went blonde? Well now she's gone shorter and it looks like she's rocking the famous "Rachel Look!"


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Kim's stylist, Chris McMillian posted a picture of the short new cut to his Instagram page, captioning the photo "piecey." The reality star's hair looks significantly shorter with a whole lot of layers and volume. In fact, everyone thinks it kind of resembles Jennifer Aniston's famous "Rachel look." Funny thing is, Jennifer Aniston is actually one of Chris's clients and he's the one that created her iconic cut. So maybe he wanted to try it out on Kim?

The problem is, we can't actually see the entire look. Chris posted the picture using a blue-tinted IG filter and the headshot doesn't show off all her hair. How annoying is that? All you can see is a ton of pretty and piecey layers around and in front of her face, which would explain the caption.

I hope Chris isn't just teasing us. Could you imagine? Knowing Kim, she probably didn't even go too much shorter. I wouldn't be surprised if she just had the layers added along with a trim. But either way I love it! She is so incredibly chic with her much more natural-looking texture. I can't wait to see the whole thing and I hope it's as drastic as Chris is leading us to believe. The girl could use a change!

Image via Chris McMillian/Instagram

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