11 Hair problems only Latinas with curls understand

hairIt took me losing my curls to severe heat-damage for me to finally appreciate them. Now that I have them back I rock my natural rizos as often as possible, even if it means having at least four bad hair days a week. But just because I'm embracing my curly hair doesn't mean they don't come with a whole set of problems!


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It's only been about a month since I chopped off my heat-damaged ends and started rocking my natural curls again and I'm already receiving comments about how I look like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Some folks have even asked me when I plan on wearing it straight. I'm telling you, curly girls might be the envy of every woman with straight hair, but it also comes with its fair share of problems. Here are 20 problems only Latinas with curly hair understand!

  1. Women with naturally straight hair say they wish they had your curly hair. They only wish because they don't KNOW!
  2. Falling asleep with wet hair means waking up looking like a troll. Enough said.
  3. Your boyfriend doesn't understand that running his hands through your hair means he'll literally lose his hands.
  4. You can't get bangs--like ever!
  5. Your hair could look amazing one second and then a big pouf the next. Don't ask me how this happens!
  6. Humidity is the devil. So are rainy days.
  7. You never wake up with sexy bed hair. That doesn't exist for curly chicas.
  8. You spent half your paycheck on curly hair products only for them to last you a month. Sorry, but a dime sized amount isn't going to cut it for this thick head full of hair.
  9. People don't get that when they touch your hair it only makes it frizzier. PLEASE don't' touch my hair!
  10. Yes, it takes us all day for our hair to fully dry. It's not an exaggeration, it's facts.
  11. People will say that "your hair looks better straight" and think they're complimenting you. Try to take a deep breath before responding.
  12. You can never EVER brush your hair using a regular brush. Wide-tooth combs are your best friend.
  13. You leave the house thinking your hair looks great, then catch a quick glimpse of yourself through a store window and you cry "Why me?"
  14. If you decide to pull your hair into a ponytail you better be okay with rocking that ponytail all day long, because after that deep crease there's no turning back.
  15. You can talk about products with your curly-haired friends for hours--literally!
  16. Straight-haired people will look at you like you're gross when you mention you don't wash your hair every day. Tell them to go to hell!
  17. You can't just let anyone cut your hair. It has to be someone that specializes in curls and once you find that special someone you can't ever let them go!
  18. You hate when girls with loose waves and straight roots try to say they have curly hair. Give them the side-eye and walk away before you say something you might regret.
  19. People think you're as wild and boho as your hair. Um, just because I have curly hair doesn't mean I spend all day writing, listening to Indie music and preparing vegetarian meals. Okay, so maybe I do but it has nothing to do with my hair!
  20. Every time you have a date or a special event you can't decide whether you should wear it straight or curly. Would they even think I look pretty if I show them my "real" hair? Ugh, such a dilemma.

But as problematic as curly hair may be, most of us still love our curls and wouldn't trade it for straighter strands any day of the week!

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