Is it weird that I'm kind of jealous of el Día de los Muertos' Catrina's makeup skills? For a skeleton, the mujer has style. Well, at least the real life women who imitate her on the Day of the Dead do. I love how they let their imaginations run wild. Every year, their sugar skulls and Catrina masks become more over the top, and their trajes and hair are wilder and more beautiful. It's all so pleasing to the eye, but also so very fleeting. It's too bad we can't always do our hair and makeup like La Catrina's every day of the year. Or can we?


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I believe we can harness the daring spirit of el Dia de los Muertos to use throughout the year. It takes great skill to put together one of those skeleton looks and there's no reason why we can't take those same skills and apply them to our usual routine looks every other day of the year. All you need is a little makeup and a lot of imagination.

Some women keep their sugar skull looks simple and traditional, while others give it a more fresh and current look using today's go-to beauty trends. From shiny glittery lips to bright and bold makeup colors, there's really no limit to where you can take this and then you can translate that same approach to your "in real life" glam looks. Here are 20 everyday style and beauty looks I dug up from La Catrina's Día de los Muertos beauty vault that you can use IRL.

--Additional reporting by Tanisha Love Ramirez

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