5 Ways to handle a receding hairline

girl combing hairGone are the days when only men had to worry about receding hairlines. That's right chica, more and more women these days are struggling with receding hairlines. Can you believe that? So much so, it almost seems like an epidemic. So if you're struggling with it, don't feel bad or embarrassed. Like any thinning hair problem--there's a solution!


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A receding hair line could be the result of a lot of things, not just aging. Like any kind of hair loss, it can come from stress, hormones, genetics and even diet. This is also the case for men, but let's face it, a receding hairline on a woman is a lot more traumatic than on a man. It can take a huge toll on our confidence and effect our emotional and psychological well-being. But don't worry girl! There are ways to fight a receding hairline in women. Check out a few of these hair-boosting tips!

Change your hair products: Look for formulas that help stimulate hair follicles and promote growth. Try Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo ($28). It's made with a blend of herbs including turmeric and ginseng that help balance and nourish your hair and scalp.

Try hair fibers: I can't tell you how many I women I know that swear by Toppik Hair Building Fibers Starter Kit ($35). It's made with all-natural, colored keratin protein that cover sparse areas or balding spots, blending in with your existing hair. How cool is that?

Massage your scalp: At least once a week try giving yourself a scalp massage for at least 5-10 minutes using a natural oil that's going to help promote growth, the sage, castor or rosemary oil. Believe me--this stuff really works!

See your doctor: A receding hairline could be an indicator of a hormonal or thyroid problem. Definitely have your doctor exam you and talk to them about Levothyroxine, which is a thyroid hormone pill  that can help stop symptoms such as hair loss.

Chill with the heat: I've met women with receding hairlines or a lot of breakage by their forehead due to excessive heat-styling. All that heat and pulling from blow dryers or flat irons can cause hair to break of shed. Try minimizing how often you heat-style and when you do, use a heat-protectant like Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray ($25).

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