fergie dia de los muertos I've never really celebrated el Dia de Los Muertos, but that's all about to change. Ever since I saw Fergie sporting a to-die-for Catrina costume last year, it's safe to say I've become completely obsessed. I've literally been flipping through hundreds of sugar skull makeup tutorials since April, and I'm nowhere near narrowing it down. But you really can't blame me. There are so many beautiful and unique looks to choose from. Mujeres the world over have come up with some seriously sick designs, all ranging from creatively creepy to ghoulish but gorgeous. And yet, despite their differences, they're all drop dead gorgeous!  You really have to see them to believe 'em.

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Pues, the Day of the Dead is upon us, so that means we all have to hurry up and pick out which drop-dead gorgeous version of La Catrina we want to wow the masses with this year. So far, I've been able to narrow it down to these 12 to-die-for designs. Which of these do you like the most?   

Image via Fergie/Instagram

The classic Catrina 1

The classic Catrina

Image via skullspiration.com

Simple and classic, this interpretation of La Catrina is proof-positive that less is definitely more. 


Broken but beatiful 2

Broken but beatiful

Image via Pinterest

Think painting your entire face isn't all it's cracked up to be? I feel you! That's why I'm in love with this Phantom of the Opera met La Catrina look.


'Til death 3

This is a great look for brides-to-be, amiright? Hey, you can even rock this look if you want to get a rise out of your the commitmentphobe in your life! Muahahaha!


Gilded in gold 4

Gilded in gold

Image via missmaquillajes.com

The gold accents are what make this look shine!


A perfect match 5

A perfect match

Image via Rob Sheridan/Flickr

This ghoulish pair are a match made in purgatory! You have to appreciate just how committed these two are to their overall look, as well as to one another.


Half-undone 6


Image via beautylish.com

What's your take: is this look half done up or half undone? Personally, I don't really care. All I know is that it's 100% beautiful!




Bronzed undead goddess 7

Dia de los Muertos makeup doesn't have to be heavy and opaque. A light hand and a little imagination (and a lot of bronze makeup!) are what make this sugar skull glow.



Sweet sugar skull 8

In real life, wearing all white will make you blend in. Not so when it comes to el Dia de los Muertos.  Because most people opt to decorate their faces in bright colors and sparkly gems, an all-white sugar skull will almost always stand out in a crowd of Day of the Day revelers.



Pretty gross 9

Pretty gross

Image via Pinterest

The creative use of bright makeup paired with the gorgeous flowers on her head are almost enough to distract me from the set of teeth peeking out from behind her cheek. Almost. 

Two-faced 10


Image via deviantart.com

Two-faced sugar skulls are popular, and it's no wonder why. On one hand, you get to show off you crazy makeup skills. And on the other, you get to let your natural beauty shine through. It's literally a win-win.



The half-dead Hollywood icon 11

The half-dead Hollywood icon

Image via mymakeupinspiration/tumblr

Halloween and el Dia de los Muertos overlap in this gorgeous but ghoulish monster mix costume.

Black and white 12

Black and white

Image via lover-of-makeup/tumblr

Black and white needn't be plain. The intricate design is able to stand out because she did NOT use loud colors and distracting gems.