I've learned over the years that eyebrows can either make or break your face. In junior high school I sported pencil-thin brows that made me look like a crazy person. It took a while for me to finally embrace my naturally thick and long brows which perfectly compliment my big eyes. The truth is, big, bold brows aren't going anywhere. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're here to stay!

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When it comes to eyebrows, I know a good set when I see one. And let me tell you, a lot of our favorite Latina stars have some of the most beautiful and bold eyebrows I've ever seen. So stunning they'll have you jealous or inspired--choose your pick! So put down those tweezers chica, cancel that thread appointment and check out some of these killer brows below!

Image via Getty Images

Camilla Belle 1

Camilla Belle

Image via Corbis Images

Camilla Belle has some of the best brows in the game. They are thick, but perfectly shaped and groomed. So gorgeous!


Eva Mendes 2

Eva Mendes

Image via Getty Images

I love the shape of Eva Mendes' eyebrows. Those arches really help bring out her eyes.


Camila Alves 3

Camila Alves

Image via Getty Images

The Brazilian beauty has naturally full and dark eyebrows, meaning she doesn't have to fill them in. I'd kill for brows like these.

Jessica Alba 4

Jessica Alba

Image via Getty Images

Jessica proves that even if you don't have naturally thick brows you can still have a face-flattering shape.


Salma Hayek 5

Salma Hayek

Image via Getty Images

You can tell Salma has never had an over-plucking issues. Her brows are so natural-looking, it looks like she only has them cleaned underneath the arches.


Penelope Cruz 6

Penelope Cruz

Image via Getty Images

Penelope's brows are classic and timeless. Brows like these will never go out of style.


Adriana Lima 7

Adriana Lima

Image via Getty Images

The Victoria's Secret model may not have the most voluptuous brows but this look is working for her.

Sofia Vergara 8

Sofia Vergara

Image via Getty Images

The Modern Family actress has an amazing body but her full brows are one of her best facial features. All she needs is a bright, bold lip color and she's set!


Eiza Gonzalez 9

Eiza Gonzalez

Image via Eiza Gonzalez/Instagram

I love how well-defined Eiza's brows are. She has the perfect arches!

Chiquis Marin 10

Chiquis Marin

Image via Getty Images

Chiquis' brows look like they might have been filled in. I can't say she's not working them though!