4 Natural beauty remedies using pineapple

There is no denying that pineapple is one of the best tasting fruits out there. It is juicy, sweet and just amazingly delicious. Even better news is that pineapple also has a lot of natural beauty benefits. From anti-aging properties to promoting oral health, pineapple is the ultimate super food that keeps working for you long after you are done devouring it. Here are four beauty benefits the tasty fruit has. 


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1. Creates a healthier smile: Eating and drinking pineapple can help whiten your teeth and fight against plague build-up. The secret to its oral health properties is that the fruit is high in vitamin C and contains an anti-inflammatory compound known as bromelain, which lowers symptoms caused by gingivitis and helps decrease the chances of tooth damage. 

2. Fights against wrinkles: The Alpha-hydroxy acids contained in pineapples could also be a beauty benefit to your face. Mixing at-home facial masks with pineapple works anti-aging magic since it cleans out dead cells, causes new fresh cells to form and moisturizes the skin naturally. Skin expert Dr. Akiko Sugahara suggests cutting the core of the pineapple, rubbing it on the face, leaving it on for ten minutes and then rinsing. She warns that you should avoid placing directly in the eye area. She also adds, "Drinking pineapple juice helps the body synthesize collagen, which helps skin stay firm and flexible, while vitamin C and amino acids aid in cell and tissue repair."

3. Helps with nail growth: Cracked and unhealthy nails could be a sign of a lack of vitamin A and B, which pineapple can help pump up. Drinking it or applying it on your nails can greatly promote the strong nails. As a topical treatment, you can mix pineapple juice and an egg yolk and apply to your nail beds and cuticles. Wait five minutes and then wash and moisturize your hands. The bromelain compound will help clear out any bacteria that are festering in the area. 

4. Clears acne and sun damaged skin: The antioxidants in pineapple also help rid the skin of pesky pimples and spots caused by too much exposure to the sun. When rubbing in to the skin, Sugahara suggests, "Rather than commercial pineapple juice, choose freshly extracted juice because it retains more of the fruit's nutrients, and heat used in commercial processing can destroy the bromelain."

Image via Corbis