6 Surprising uses for old mascara wands

Call me a beauty product junkie, but I go through a new tube of mascara every three weeks. Mainly because I like to layer on coats, but also because I'm uber paranoid about eye infections. That said, mascara can cost a pretty penny. So if you're going to throw out the tube, at least try to save the wand. Why? Well, because you can actually reuse it!


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My appreciation for old mascara wands began after I became a beauty writer. I started to notice most professional makeup artists would carry bulks of disposable mascara wands on them and not just for lashes either. They'd use them to brush brows or smooth out flyaway hairs. Yup, I'm talking about those same disposable mascara wands they let you use at Sephora. They're pretty awesome, but who has time or money to stock up on mascara applicators you'd immediately have to throw away? This, my friend, is why you save your old mascara wands!

I'm telling you these things should be a beauty product must-haves. They're just as necessary as oil-blotting paper, primers or makeup setting sprays. Don't believe me? Here are six ways I reuse my old mascara wands:

1. Brush eyebrows: Before reusing an old mascara wand, the first thing you want to do is sanitize it. I usually clean it up with some rubbing alcohol wipes, but you can use any cleaning detergent solution. Then I sweep one of my favorite brow gels (Vaseline works too) and use it to gently brush my brows. It keeps unruly eyebrows perfectly in place.

2. Tame flyaways: I know chicas who have been using mascara wands to tame flyaways, a.k.a baby hairs, since the '90s. Just apply a pea-size amount of hair serum or styling cream to the mascara wand and then pass it over those pesky pelitos. Trust me--it works every time!

4. Separate lashes: There's a few things I like to do before actually applying mascara. I use an eyelash curler to help fan them out and then I comb them with a clean mascara wand. This help separates each and every lash.

5. Get rid of clumps: Got clumps? Use an old mascara wand to help gently wiggle them out.

6. Condition your lashes: Castor and rosemary oil can help stimulate lash growth, not to mention condition them. But it can also be a messy process. Try dipping an old mascara wand into the oil before applying.

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