Marc Anthony's girlfriend Shannon de Lima shares her beauty rules

Shannon de Lima is making sure she isn't just known as "Marc Anthony's girlfriend." The Venezuelan mom recently launched a beauty and fashion blog titled, ShadeLima. De Lima dishes on belleza and style tips for everyday women and some of her advice sounds, well, kind of useful. This new venture sounds way more promising than stirring up engagement and wedding rumors on her Instagram. We forgive you for that, Shannon. Kind of. So, what are some of her best beauty and fashion tips?


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De Lima encourages readers to exfoliate twice a week for super smooth skin and recommends moisturizing with pure argan oil. In case you want to look just like this Latina beauty, De Lima also includes a list of products in her makeup bag like Laura Mercer's lip liner in Plumberry and a Too Faced blush palette with bronzer. On the fashion front, she highlights Zuhair Murad as one of her favorite designers. He designed most of Jennifer Lopez's tour costumes so we are sure she is loving that!

In her about page, Shannon reveals:

I am an expert at listening to people and trying to understand their point-of-views. I love tennis, which I started practicing recently along with yoga. I love to dance and listen to music. Writing is a passion of mine and it fascinates me.

Just a little random, but I won't knock her hustle. De Lima says that she is preparing to launch her own swimsuit collection so we will definitely be hearing more from her soon.

I wonder whether she is getting some business advice from Marc at all. Definitely looks like she is on the right track, but she will never be J.Lo. Seriously, who would even consider trying? Keep up the good work though, Shannon! 

Image via Shannon de Lima/Instagram

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