Model without hair & cleft palate will change what you think is beautiful

melanie gaydosIf you needed more proof that true beauty comes from within, then you need to see Melanie Gaydos' emotional new video for The What's Underneath Project, a project that interviews both men and women while they take off their clothes, proving that style isn't just about what you wear but what's underneath. The high-fashion model who was born with a condition called ectodermal dysplasia, refuses to let her unique looks stand in the way of her dreams and from feeling confident. You have to check this amazing chica out!


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Gaydos has a genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia, which affects everything from her pores, hair, teeth and fingernails. She has a bald head, no brows, no lashes and a cleft palate. Even so, Gaydos doesn't see herself as ugly. In fact, she never has and probably never will. And it's that very same confidence that has helped her break into the world of modeling.

If "When I go on a photo shoot, the other industry models don't know what to make of me," she says in her video. "They're usually like, 'What the f*** is this?' It's difficult for me in the fashion world; people think I'm a gimmick and that I'm just being exploited for my differences." And even though she's been modeling for almost four years she still has to be extra careful when it comes to taking gigs. All she wants is for the world to take notice of who she really is and what's she's really about.

"I have thought how I would be if I was born without a cleft palate and with a full head of hair, and I think I would be really boring," she says. "Even though I've been through a lot, they're my experiences, and I like where everything has brought me today."

Throughout the video you see Gaydos slowly removing her clothes until she's left in her underwear. I honestly have so much respect for this girl. It takes a lot for any woman, never mind one with a condition that affects her appearance, to really develop a strong sense of self and identity. Gaydos may not have had it easy but you can tell that she's proud of her journey and proud of the person that she's become. And there's really nothing more beautiful than a woman comfortable in her own skin!

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