The BEST leave-in conditioner is one you can make at home!

Acondicionador casero que no se enjuagaTo have gorgeous healthy hair you need more than just temporary treatments. It's also important that you allow some of those products to penetrate for a few hours. What am talking about? Leave-in conditioners! These really do work but the best part is that you can make the best leave-in conditioner right at home. And you'll love the results!


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Leave-in conditioners have more fans than ever--and for good reason: They're easy to apply and leave hair shiny and soft. The best part is that since you don't have to rinse out, the benefits will remain in your strands until the next time you wash your hair. And why spend money on commercial brands when you can make your own?

Contrary to what many believe, conditioning and feeding your hair with natural ingredients guarantees TV-worthy hair without chemicals. Besides, you can save tons of money! If you find that your locks are dry and lifeless, try this coconut and aloe conditioner that will leave it looking and smelling spectacular.

Acondicionador casero que no se enjuaga

The best leave-in conditioner

-1 cup distilled water
-1 tsp. coconut oil 
-1 tsp. aloe vera gel
-5 drops rosemary oil or tea tree oil

To make:

-Place all ingredients in a spray bottle and mix them until they're all well combined. If the coconut oil hardens, put the mixture in the microwave a few seconds. 

-After showering (or when you need a little boost of softness), spray the mixture in your hair focusing on the ends. Style as usual. The aloe vera gel and the coconut oil act as hydrators that will give your strands shine while rosemary or tea tree oil will help you prevent dandruff and make it grow stronger. Sounds like a perfect miracle-worker!

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