Seriously, I'm all for the runway beauty looks during Fashion Week, but it's not often I find something I can actually pull off. Sorry, but blue lipstick and embellished eyebrows just aren't for me! But fortunately this fall is all about minimalist (aka wearable!) beauty styles. I'm talking everything from classic red lips to brown smoky eyes, even cobalt blue winged liners. Seriously, who doesn't look good with a nice cat-eye?


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I'm not going to lie, ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the time Fashion Week looks don't work in real life settings. Let's face it, you can't walk into a corporate office (or anywhere else for that matter) with bleached brows and crazy dramatic makeup. But you can do natural-looking full brows and you can do bold lips and nicely lined eyes for pretty much any occasion.  Here are eight Fall 2014 beauty trends that actually work in real life!

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