Alejandra Espinoza promised El gordo y la Flaca, that she'd go a day without wearing a drop of makeup and then show it off for all her fans to see. Well it looks like the former Mexican beauty queen and TV personality doesn't have a problem keeping her word. She recently posted a bare-faced selfie of herself to Instagram and I have to admit, she looks pretty amazing. So good in fact, I don't know why she even bothers wearing makeup at all. You have to check this out!


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"As I promised @elgordoylaflace today … No makeup … without foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eyebrows painted and without lip gloss. #sinNADA," she captiond her photo. I can't get over how naturally stunning Alejandra is. The girl has a flawless, clear complexion, no dark circles, no manchas and a set of naturally thick brows that don't even need to be filled in. She should have hashtagged her photo #Iwokeuplikethis, right?

She even posted a second photo, a split shot with a close up of her eye and a full body shot. "Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through #OOTD #AlejaOOTD #AlejaStyle #noMakeupToday," she added.

Alejandra isn't the only star that looks this good without makeup. Seriously, have you seen Chiquis Marín or Jennifer Lopez fresh faced? Here are 10 other celebs who aren't afraid to go au naturel!

Images via Alejandra Espinoza/Instagram

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