Now that Jenni "JWoww" Farley is a mom, she's making some big changes and one of them includes her hair. The former Jersey Shore star has been rocking dark brown tresses for as long as any of us can remember. But she recently decided to lighten her look with some blonde streaks and I have to admit she looks pretty darn good. I'm surprised she never thought of this before!

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JWoww looks all kinds of fabulous since having her daughter, Meilani (who's super cute by the way!). The new mom posted a picture of her hair transformation on Instagram this week with the caption, "Blondes have more fun, right?" We should have saw it coming though. After all, she did tease us earlier in the week posting a photo of her stylist in the middle of lightening her locks with the caption: "Going blonde!!!"

I'm really not surprised JWoww decided to go for a new look. It's pretty common for new moms to undergo a mommy makeover. Remember when Kim went blonde? A lot of new moms try to drastically change their hair after pregnancy in efforts to still feel sexy. Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba went shorter, Beyonce even got a pixie cut. Sometimes a girl just needs a change you know? Here are few other celebs who switched up their looks after pregnancy. Check them out!

Images via Getty Images, JWoww/Instagram

Salma Hayek 1

Salma Hayek

Image via Getty Images

Salma sported long, flowy locks while she was pregnant with her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault. A few years later she got this sexy bob!


Jessica Alba 2

Jessica Alba

Image via Getty Images

The actress wore her long hair mainly in elegant updos during her pregnancy with oldest daughter, Honor Marie. Shortly after giving birth she chopped it all off and rocked a super edgy cut. Can we say MILF?


Christina Aguilera 3

Christina Aguilera

Image via Getty Images

Christina went from 60s glamour curls to runway-inspired hair after unleashing her son, Max Liron Bratman into the world.

Camila Alves 4

Camila Alves

Image via Getty Images

Before having kids the Brazilian model mainly wore her hair naturally black. Three kids later, she's sporting fashion-forward caramel highlights!


Christiana Milian 5

Christiana Milian

Image via Getty Images

The Cuban singer and actress ALWAYS wore her hair long back in the day. But the mother of 3-year-old Violet Madison Nash recently tried an ombre, long bob. Doesn't she look fab?