I'll never forget the first time i heard about BB creams. I'm a beauty junkie by nature, so of course I immediately fell for all the hype. A tinted moisturizer that does it all from providing natural-looking coverage to evening out your complexion and even fading manchas? Sounds like a beauty miracle to me! I couldn't wait to try one, that is until I discovered that most of these so-called "magical" formulas only come in like two or three shades. Um, so what about us brown-skinned Latinas?


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Sorry, but a BB cream that only comes in two, three or even five shades isn't going to cut it for me. I have a naturally caramel-ish, tan complexion complete with yellow undertones that doesn't exactly fall under medium, medium/deep or deep. And how are these limited shades supposed to work for chicas that are even darker than me?

Well, I have some good news. I searched high and low before I was able to find a BB cream that actually matched my skin tone. Finally a formula that wasn't so light it made me look ashy or so dark you'd think I painted my face with liquid bronzer. Here are some of the best BB creams for Latinas with tan skin tones or darker!

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