6 Tips to shaving down there safely

Not to get all TMI on you, but I love the way I look after a Brazilian wax. I don't care what Cameron Diaz or any OB-GYN out there says, I refuse to have hair down there. With that said, I'm not crazy about the whole Brazilian wax process itself. This is why I shave down there in the privacy of my home!


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Whenever I tell my Brazilian-wax loving friends that I shave down there, I always get a ton of weird questions, like if it hurts or do I have ingrown hairs and razor bumps all over. My answers to all these questions is a simple: nope.

Believe it or not, it's really not that hard to get a close shave down there without cutting yourself or ruining your skin. You just really need to know what you're doing. Want to learn? Here are my six tips for shaving down there and not hurting yourself! WARNING: These tips might sound graphic.

Get a good razor: Leave the disposable stuff and get yourself a good Venus razor that glides comfortably with your skin. I recommend the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor ($11). It has five blades and the aloe vera protects sensitive skin from irritation.

Get a good smoothing formula: You can use a shaving cream or a light-weight hair conditioner, but I like Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash ($6). It's smooth, safe and the only thing I trust won't give me an imbalance.

Get down: The first thing you want to do is turn on your shower head. Then squat down with your legs wide apart. Apply your shaving cream or whatever you're going to use onto the surface of your lady part and start shaving.

Get a close shave: The trick is to make sure that you're shaving in the direction of your hair growth, if not you'll wind up with those pesky ingrowns and razor bumps.

Use post-shave cream: To avoid razor bumps, apply a post-shave cream afterwards, like Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster ($16).

Don't shave TOO often: The trick to getting as smooth down there as a Brazilian wax is giving yourself a little time between shavings. Instead of shaving every day, try shaving once a week. This allows the hairs to grow long enough for a good, close shave.

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