Every woman knows that getting rid of pesky stretch marks is no easy task. We're all looking for that miracle treatment that will leave our skin instantly smooth and scar-free, but unfortunately, that doesn't exist. "There are ways to improve the appearance with both creams and lasers, but it's nearly impossible to clear them 100 percent," Neutrogena dermatologist, Dr. Janelle Vega told us. "When I explain to patients how we can improve their stretch marks, I tell them they will look airbrushed, but it will never look 100 percent perfect." There might not be a quick-fix to stretch marks, but there are definitely products out there that help!


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Whether you got it from pregnancy, rapid weight gain or just fast growth during puberty (like me), there are products out there that can highly reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Here are some of the best stretch mark creams out there!

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