chiquinquira delgadoIt's hard to believe that Chiquinquirá Delgado is actually 41 years old. The former Venezuelan TV host, model and actress could very easily pass for 30. She's hands down one of the hottest Latina celebrities right now. But was she just blessed with amazing genes or has she had some help from plastic surgery? Chiquinquirá has yet to confirm she's had any work done, but if you look at photos of her during her Miss Venezuela days and snaps of her today, she definitely looks different!

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It looks pretty obvious to me that Chiquinquirá has gone under the knife to tweak her face and body, but she has yet to admit it. I'll just let these pictures do all the talking--check them out!

Image via Chiquinquira Delgado/Instagram

Miss Venezuela days 1

Miss Venezuela days

Image via

Chiquinquirá was always a natural beauty, but if you look at pictures of her when she was a Miss Venezuela contestant back in 1990, her facial features looked distinctly different than they do today.


Her nose 2

Her nose

Image via

Look at how much wider Chiquinquirá's nose was back in the day.


Her nose today 3

Her nose today

Image via Getty Images

Not only is her nose a lot smaller now, but the bridge is also a lot more narrow and defined.

Her lips before 4

Her lips before

Image via

Chiquinquirá was born with a full pout, but a recent photo of her made me take a second look.


Her lips now 5

Her lips now

Image via Chiquinquirá Delgado/ Instagram

Not only are lips fuller but the shape looks different too.


Her boobs now 6

Her boobs now

Image via Chiquinquirá Delgado/Instagram

Is it me or have Chiquinquirá's boobs gotten bigger and perkier over the last few years?


Her butt now 7

Her butt now

Image via Getty Images

Chiquinquirá's butt is dramatically bigger than it was a few years ago. The unnaturally pointy shape has a lot of people speculating whether it's actually real or not.