If there's one thing I'm anal about, it's my eyebrows. Maybe it's because my naturally thick and long brows require high maintenance or maybe I've seen too many bad brows in my lifetime. Either way, I definitely know a thing or two when it comes to brow mistakes. Don't think you need tips? If you're still sporting tadpole brows that date back to the 90s or brows so dark they look like you filled them in with a Sharpie, then you might want to sit down and read this. And yes girl, there is such thing as too big and bold!


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Believe it or not, brows are pretty darn important. They can easily make or break your face. I've seen brows that make some women look years older and then brows that nicely accentuate features (think Kim Kardashian). Swear your brows are on point? Think again, chica. Here are a few brow mistakes you're probably making!

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