Teen loses eyebrows in beauty salon disaster & it can happen to you!

waxingA teen girl from England says a beauty salon burned off her eyebrows after she went in for a routine beauty treatment. Megan Billingsley is only 13 and she went in to get her eyebrows waxed and dyed before a family vacation. Unfortunately the end result was a disaster and what happened to this poor child is EVERY woman's worst nightmare.

It would easily scare me away from going back to the salon!


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Billingsley's mother says the salon is at fault for not following the correct protocol as they failed to do a patch test on her. Because of this, the girl ended up getting an allergic reaction to the wax and dye and came home with no eyebrows and irritated skin. The next day it got even worse and the mom says she ended up with blisters on her face and lots of swelling.

burned brows The poor teen didn't even get to enjoy her vacation because she had to be under the shade the whole time to avoid making the blisters worse. The salon claims Billingsley gave the okay to do the waxing and dying despite the risk.

Geez, talk about my worst nightmare ever!

I remember when I first started going to the salon to get my eyebrows done and how worried I was each time that the beautician would wreck them. Luckily I never had a mishap like this one--I would have been livid. I don't care if the girl told them it was okay to wax or dye her brows, they should have done a patch test on her. They're lucky she only had an allergic reaction to the dye and wax because if it had been someone else they could have killed her. I hope this family is suing the salon, this is completely unacceptable.

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