One of the biggest problems most Latinas have is finding a foundation that actually matches their skin tone--and that's especially the case for those of us with medium or dark complexions, like Christina Milian (pictured here). Most beauty brands have five to 10 shades and--even worse!--sometimes just three! A fair, a medium and a dark. I find this insane! A majority of my friends have brown skin and not one of us share the same exact color!


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I can't tell you how many times I've been advised by a beauty department sales assistant to get a foundation in a "tan" shade. Um, I'm not just tan. I'm a caramel-ish tanned Latina with yellow undertones. A plain ol' "tan" color isn't going to do the trick for this warm-complexioned Dominicana. Fortunately, there are some brands out there that are finally getting the hang of it, offering at least 20 shades or more in colors that suit our golden, caramelo and cafe con leche faces. It's about time, right? I rounded up some of the best foundation formulas for medium and dark skin tones. Check them out, chica!

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