If you know me well (or have read any of my curly hair stories), you know that I've been slowly trying to recover from extreme heat damage. What's heat damage? It's basically when heat-styling tools take a toll on your hair, leaving it dry and messing up your natural curl pattern. I don't go near a blow dryer without first applying a heat-protective spray throughout my damp hair, I keep the settings low and I sure as hell don't use flat irons (or even curling irons) anymore. So when I heard that Brazilian supermodel Barbara Fialho has her heir hair burned with open flames (yes BURNED) to make it "healthier," I flipped out. That sounds like BS to me!


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Barbara claims she can't do the traditional straightening treatments, like the Keratin, that most Brazilian women love to do, because of all the abuse her hair already goes through working as a model. "If I did [straightening treatments] I would lose all my hair! They're very strong," she told Fashionista. So instead she makes sure to get a signature velaterapia (a.k.a hair burning) procedure done whenever she visits her hometown, Sao Paulo. Um, how is burning your hair with an open flame healthier than chemical straighteners?

According to reports, the procedure is done by passing an open flame from a lit candle through hair to burn off split ends. This supposedly helps keep moisture in. How does your hair not fall off doing that? Who knows, but Barbara swears it works. "They burn the hair to get rid of split ends," she explained. "It's unbelievable you don't get shorter hair, but if you touch the treated side it feels so much smoother and healthier!" I'm all for trying out new beauty treatments, but sorry, I think I'm going to pass on this one!

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