I love myself a good vacation or getaway. Who doesn't? This year I'm hitting up the Bahamas with my fiancé and I'm thrilled. But I have to admit there is one itty bitty problem: I have a really hard time traveling light and it's not just my clothes and shoes that take up all my luggage space (I like packing two outfits per day), it's all my hair products! Curly hair is pretty unpredictable which is why I refuse to use any of the mini hair products available at the travel section at my local pharmacy. I need stuff that's going to keep these curls in check!


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Stressed out about your hair? Don't be! Nowadays most of the curly hair brands we all love come with their own travel-size options. How awesome is that? So don't let humidity, frizz and bad hair days get in the way of your vacation fun. Here are six travel-sized curly hair products we should all be carrying this summer!

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