Summer is finally in full swing and I wish I were more excited about it. As much as I love the warm weather and a bronzy tan, I can't stand the way my hair looks during this time of year.  With the temperature and humidity rising, all I can expect is frizz, frizz and more FRIZZ! And let's face it: This is even more so the case for us curly chicas. Ugh, is there any way to beat the frizzes?


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I've been wearing a bun all week to avoid my hair from frizzing and poufing. There has to be a better solution, right? Luckily there is and they're called frizz-fighting hair products that can handle high temps, high humidity and keep your gorgeous 'do in place of course. Here, are some of my favorite picks for keeping frizz under control. Take my advice, girl, you're going to need these this summer!

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