I LOVE summer, but I hate the beauty problems that come with the hot weather. If it's not frizzy hair, it's oily skin and sunburn. And don't get me started on my sunscreen dilemma. When it comes to finding one for my body, that's usually no problem. But finding a formula that's light enough to not break me out and doesn't leave a nasty white residue all over my naturally tan face could be a challenge!


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I have friends who don't put sunscreen on their faces all year long just because they can't stand the white residue that shows up on their medium or dark complexions. And who could blame them? It looks gross and awkward especially when it's layered under your foundation or BB cream. But because wearing sunscreen is SO important, I took the liberty of testing out a few along with my fellow staffers to find you the best ones for Latinas with medium or dark skin!

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