I feel bad for my fiancé, my friends and anyone else who has had to hear me whine and complain about my hair for the past year or so. But if you've experienced the traumatizing hair disaster I went through, you'd be PISSED too. So once upon a time (two years ago to be exact), I had awesome curls (my curly hair pictured here). The kind of curls that stayed bouncy and tight no matter how humid it was outside and flowed down my back. But like most curly-haired chicas, I didn't know how to manage or appreciate them, so instead I started abusing my hair with hot tools to keep it sleek and straight. So I got a little something called heat-damage!


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Now I'm going through that awkward transitioning hair stage where my natural curls are growing out, but the roots are super tight and curly, the mid-section is wavy, and my ends are almost pin-straight (pictured below). I refuse to do the big chop, so I'm doing everything in my power to make my curls look as wearable as possible. Trust me, it's hard!

My disastrous heat-damage journey has taught me a lot about myself. One, that I have a lot more patience than I ever imagined and two, that I'm a hair products junkie. You wouldn't believe the amount of products I've tested out over the past year or so! The thing is, when you're transitioning whether it's from chemical straighteners (like relaxers or Brazilian keratin treatments), bleach damage, or heat damage, the products you've used when your hair was healthy probably won't cut it this time.

You have to look for products that are going to deeply repair and nourish your hair, but that are also going to give your hair additional definition and bounce so the damage isn't as obvious. Here are a few products that have been keeping me sane--and pretty--during this ugly and frustrating hair journey!

Images via Johanna Ferreira

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